Ninja Revolution: New Beginnings

One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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PostSubject: Is    Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:33 am

Another day unfolded off in the desolate mountains of the land of iron, the stone boulders as hard and as unfeeling as the namesake of the land which now housed, however meaninglessly, the wandering man. He was seated once more near his favorite spot, that location near the small pond that, come the full brunt of summer, would no longer have any nearby water. Perhaps his final bodily technique, at least for the time being, would need to be created, learned,
and finally mastered today. With only this and a couple other abilities he would feel fully able to fight and defend himself from even some of the most powerful of adversaries. Naturally those who wished to drop the nukes would always prove a problem but alas, some battles were best quashed before they began.

He would need to master mobility, first upon the ground and as a reflection of his previous mastery of his own body. Running and sprinting, ducking and rolling; all of that was well and fine but when push came to shove he needed something more. Some of the people off in these foreign lands did not even take up the blade and instead were able to vomit out a stream of lava or conjure up gigantic demons as a moment's notice. He would need soemthing a little more surprising than running around. No, what he needed was to skate, to soar, to float along the ground.

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Posts : 222
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Ninja I.D,
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PostSubject: Re: Is    Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:15 am

He first began by applying a bit of chakra to the soles of his feet, a thin layer of film upon which he found the traction of the ground to lower. As he walked he stumbled and slipped a bit at the lost of grip but quickly recovered by flinging a hand out to grab a nearby branch of a scraggly bush desperately fighting to stay alive within the stony soil of the upper areas of the valley. He had climbed up a bit and was planning on climbing a bit more, if that could be said to be the case.

He pushed off a bit with his feet as if he were skating about on a thin layer of ice as his body glided over the surface of the rocky soil. He found this rather difficult but having spent a majority of his life in some way honing his body he managed to adapt fairly quickly. The quick now was to incorporate this into his regular movements and so he began to randomly turn it on and off and force himself to figure out how he could best trick up and cause his foes to fumble. He found that this worked across any surface, water or soil, vertical or otherwise, and that he could use it even mid stride to completely shift his momentum or position. Most intriguing.

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Ninja I.D,
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PostSubject: Re: Is    Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:38 am

And then he had to take the final plunge. For perhaps an hour or so he sipped around, up trees and across small rivers, down hills and over boulders. As he progressed his movements became more and more complex, incorporating crazy motions half connected to his gliding and half connected to his running about. He began to channel the chakra network not only onto his feet but his hands, his side, his back, allowing him to do an strange kind of fluid dance all throughout the meadow and up and down the side of the mountain. He could dive into a full roll only to backtrack with his motion control, allowing him to stand up exactly in the same place he had started the roll from.

And then he needed to fly. He jumped up and used the chakra to grip his body and pull him back down.
He did it again but this time moved himself laterally through the air before coming to a heavy landing.
After a brief pause he skated forward even though his body was physically in no position to allow such momentum. He pulled himself into the sky, leapt only to redirect himself, and pulled himself at an impossible angle to return to the safety of the earth. He could not quite perfectly fly and perhaps -
hopefully - never would. But he could flutter. He had become the hummingbird.

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