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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Tier Descriptions

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PostSubject: Tier Descriptions   Fri May 05, 2017 6:05 am


The site operates on a tier system in which tiers are the skill ranking a ninja can obtain. Tiers are important for a variety of reasons due to the fact that they determine a ninja's capabilities but are not subjective to titles such as Genin, Kage and the like. For this reason an S-rank ninja could be recognised as a Genin and a Kage might even be a D-rank ninja although those are extreme cases.


What is a tier?: In it's most basic form, a tier gauges what your character's overall skill level is as a ninja, it is given once your application is approved by a staff member. It ranges from lowest to highest; which is E-rank to SSS-rank in extremely rare cases. If Minato Namikaze were to fight Konohamaru (when he is first introduced), who would win? Most likely Minato due to his higher skill as a Kage. A tier is to determine just how strong a character is compared to others.

Sub-Tiers: You see things like "D-1, D-2, D-3" and etc? Those are the different levels that are within tiers. These are used in order to tell about the different measurements of power for within their respective tier groups. For instance, if a D-3 were to get into a fight with a D-1; while they may be in the same tier class, the D-1 would definitely have the upper hand based on him being further along the line in the second tier. The same effectively applies to all tiers listed below. The higher the - dash is, the higher up on the chain a character is in their tier level. So it goes: E-rank < D-rank < C-rank < B-rank < A-rank < S-rank < SS-rank. And for sub-level it goes: 3 < 2 < 1 .


I. E-rank
This level of skill does not actually have a group of sub-tiers, E-rank is the lowest tier a person can be. It is where a person has absolutely no skill in the arts of being a ninja. Examples would be a general citizen of a Hidden Village, most Daimyo and people that do not choose it as a career. This is also where Academy students and those just beginning to train fall in.  

E Rank Skill Limitations:

D-rank is where a ninja is starting out, they tend to lack control of their chakra and have pretty low skills. There's no way to sugarcoat that this is where the character is regarded as weak. Since they have very little control over chakra it is very hard for them to control and use effectively.

~ D-3 Most people of this level are just leaving the academy or have somehow began to awaken the basis of their powers. They can use their skills to possibly have some basic ninjutsu but most people of this level are still on the basis of Taijutsu.
~ D-2 These ninja are capable of using their chakra to a more competent level. Most people at this level have learned their primary element and are beginning to train in its most basic jutsu.
~ D-1 This is the pinnacle of those who are in the D-rank category. Most people in this category are capable of attempting the Chuunin exams and using their chakra to a higher standard compared to their peers but are nowhere close to the true masters of the world. They have also learned some of the more difficult jutsu for their first element.

D Rank Skill Limitations:

C-rank is essentially a beginner class type of character. These people make up the bulk of any army or organization such as village shinobi or private military. Around this level is where most begin to train their powers, develop their skills and essentially strive for more power so that they can reach a higher level of power. So, for the most part, a good reference for these type of people would be Chuunin-level characters. They have powers, can hold their own in combat and aren't powerless; but they are still learning about what they are, learning how to use their powers and evolving each day.

~ C-3 These are the new Chuunin. While they are stronger than a Genin, they still have a long ways to go in their training before they tap their true potential. They are almost ready to begin to take on minor leadership roles for those of lesser rank than themselves, they merely lack experience.
~ C-2 These are the ones who are beginning to accumulate respect and reputation in the village and maybe even some outside the village also. If they have helped in the academy, by now they are one of the more respected teachers. They also may have joined a small squad to help with training and experience.
~ C-1 These are they who are now ready for minor roles in leadership. By now they are well recognized in and around the village. They have almost mastered a single skill area and are about ready to take the next big leap in their ninja career. They have also gained the attention of their kage, their skills are not going unnoticed.

C Rank Skill Limitations:

This is where the gap in power starts to begin. They have grown past the need for any sort of academy, have become well tuned soldiers and are the second most common fighter to be seen in most organizations when war situations are occurring. This is the level where characters generally learn the nature of their power and work to go up from here.

~ B-3  These ninja have now reached a level that classifies them as a specialized jounin, or special jounin for short. They have reached mastery level in a single skill and while they still have a little ways to go before they can boast perfection in that skill, they are far superior to most who are lower ranks than themselves and even some who are higher ranks.
~ B-2 With continued training, these ninja have reached a new level in mastery with their skills. While they may be very specific in their area of expertise, they can say that they are ready and willing to take on more responsibility.
~ B-1 By this time, they are ready to either take on the Jounin exams or even attempt to join the ANBU. They might have reached Grand Mastery in their most practiced skill, but they are only beginning to live up to their true potential. They have a long ways to go before they are ready for a major leadership role.

B Rank Skill Limitations:

By the time a person has obtained this type of power, they generally have an advanced control over their powers and are typically referred to as a Jounin Class in most villages and missing-nin tend to have a well known reputation and are a threat to the villages due to their skills. Most ninja on this level are at a cozy level where they can dominate a lot of other opponents but there is still more room for improvement if they truly want to assert their power.

~ A-3 These are the fresh Jounin. They have started the journey to balancing out their skills and perhaps starting to train a few more towards higher levels. They have also started to learn more elements or variations in their taijutsu styles.
~ A-2 These are the few who are ready to take on a Genin team and perhaps a position of higher authority within the village. They have mastered a couple of skills by now and have become well recognized within Their village and perhaps even in another village. They have met your kage a few times and have earned their respect.
~ A-1 These are the seasoned Jounin. This is the level that most ninja reach and retire at, very few make it past here. They have taken on a team or a position of authority and are really coming into their potential. They may have mastered quite a few skills by now and perhaps reached grand mastery in more than one

A Rank Skill Limitations:

By the time a character is able to reach the S-rank level of the tier system, they are basically known as "Elite". Thus, upon reaching even the lowest level of the S-rank bracket, a character should typically know some sort of powerful jutsu. Or, at the very least, have a scale of chakra comparable to that. Moreover, once someone is able to become an S-rank, they have nearly reached the peak of their powers. They typically have more knowledge about techniques, more skill and more power then those on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to combat and so on. So, in most villages, a one tier is often referred to as a Jounin or ANBU and their numbers start to become more rare when compared to lower level fighters. Members are not allowed to start at this tier if it is their first character.

~ S-3 These few have reached beyond their previous limits and pushed themselves farther than most shinobi get. These are the ones who are ready to take on the important positions within the village. Such as a new ANBU Captain or Commander or even the Kage of a minor land.
~ S-2 These ninja are ready to really take on the role of a new Kage or a seasoned ANBU Commander. They have really started to make an impact in and around their village or organization and even have some standing in other villages due to their reputation.
~ S-1 They have been a Kage for a while now, or have been in a leadership position for some time. These are well known throughout the world, all of the top shinobi know their name. They have mastered many skills to the point of perfection.

S Rank Skill Limitations:

This rank is actually not attainable by a character and merely exists for the purpose of incredibly powerful event NPCs, people on this kind of level are Otsutsuki Sovereigns such as Kaguya and Momoshiki Otsutsuki and as such it is only here so it is officially known.
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Tier Descriptions
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