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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Kozai's Custom Tech Batch #3

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PostSubject: Kozai's Custom Tech Batch #3    Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:44 pm

Name:Stainless Steel Sand
Range: 100 meters
Description: The user can create, coalesce, disperse and control large amounts of steel particles from and by his chakra, similar to iron sand, but with a much more durable and lethal material. Sand, of course, moves at jutsu speed and power, unless the user is controlling it at S-rank, in which case in each post, the user can choose to either double the speed or the power of the sand he currently controls, but not both.
Steel is stored personally, and can thus be modified/soaked with poison/etc. outside of combat to prepare it for encounters.
Being a magnet release jutsu, the sand still interferes with puppet function. If the sand enters the internals of a puppet, it will cease to function until the sand is removed.
Being steel sand rather than iron sand, any magnet release jutsu derived from this sand is treated as if it were a rank higher in speed and power.
Requirements: Be Kozai/learn from him, steel release, magnet release

Name:Steel Release: Steel Rampart Wall
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Steel
Description: The user creates a solid square wall of steel, 1 inch thick and up to 5x5 meters in size, emerging from the ground anywhere within the range. Whenever a chakra-based jutsu strikes these walls, its power is decreased by one rank. The user can create up to five of these at once, but each wall he creates after the first costs an additional 20 chakra.
Requirements: Steel Release, learn from Kozai/be him

Name: Deathcharge [sub-limited]
Description: In order to prepare for this jutsu, the user must have at least 5 Steel Rampart Walls within 20 meters of him. Upon fulfilling this condition, the user causes the walls induce current within themselves, creating a field that he draws power from. This produces a very visible, sublime yellow glow over the area. After one post of charging, the user expels the collected energy, creating a massive sphere of magnet release chakra around him, moving at normal jutsu speed, but at double the jutsu power.
The tricky part about this technique is that if the user doesn't have Body Revival or some similar method of constant healing active, they will die. The exception to this is if the user's durability is over 100. If this is the case, and no such regeneration is active, the user merely has each of his stat fields cut in half until healing or the thread ends after casting the jutsu.
Requirements:Must know Steel Release: Rampart Wall and Body Revival, be Kozai/learn from him

Name: Scourge of the Cloud
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 70 meters

The user fills the area around him with Steel Release chakra, which takes the form of a light grey aura within the jutsu radius. While maintaining this radius, the user only pays C-rank chakra every post. However, the user can project their magnet release chakra within the field, creating any number of monofilamentous micron-width fibers within any empty space of the jutsu. These can be freely controlled at normal jutsu speed (100) and double the jutsu cutting power, paying S-rank chakra every post. The user can transmit medical jutsu along these wires as long as he's touching the other end of the wire(s).  
Requirements: Be Kozai/learn from him, steel release, magnet release

Name: Life Cutting [sub-limited]
Description: The user makes physical contact with a target, and (regardless of whether the user has Body Revival active or not) begins to exert control over that target's tissues. As such, the user can now directly attack their tissues or heal them as they please. The user can cause harm to any of the victim's tissues, causing the cells to die off, or causing cells to multiply rapidly, creating crippling advanced chakra-infused tumors that cause damage as well. This operates off of jutsu power.
At the same time, the user can heal tissue as well, restoring damaged and removed tissue as per Body Revival, but on another target. The user need not have Body Revival active to use this jutsu.
Requirements:Body Revival, be Kozai/learn from him

Name:Revival Sword
Description: The user covers his body with a dark blue chakra cloak, which does not enhance the user's stats. However, it does act with its jutsu power as a defensive barrier. Whenever a jutsu or chakra-based attack comes into contact with the barrier, the cloak adapts. From that point onward, any additional chakra-based attacks from that specific chakra attack have their rank decreased by 1. This can stack up to three times, and resets upon the jutsu ending. The user can turn the aura around his hands sharp, acting as impromptu blades (cutting power of jutsu power, of course). Damage done with these blades cannot be healed by medical jutsu of lower than S rank.
Requirements: Be Kozai/learn from him
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PostSubject: Re: Kozai's Custom Tech Batch #3    Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:26 pm

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Kozai's Custom Tech Batch #3
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