Ninja Revolution: New Beginnings

One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Assorted S-ranks

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PostSubject: Assorted S-ranks   Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:25 am

Name: Save The Hostages!
Location: Any Main Village
Rank: S
Team: Optional (Preferred)
Client: Kage
Rewards: 2,500 Ryo & 1,000 Exp

Oh no!!! There is rouge A Rank ninja who had been caught by seen by many villagers who then notified then notified the Kage. In a failed attempt to escape the ninja would decide to change his plans and go after all the kids in the academy! Upon his request all ninja of B Rank and higher had left the building to avoid getting anyone hurt but there are still both Genin and Academy Students inside! While then man may not be vary powerful and skill he is definetely smart. In attempt to enter the building upon his detection will trigger a massive explosion harming all the children. You job is to disable the paper bombs place around the school, (10 in total) and take down the rouge ninja.

Enemy Information:

Name: Find The Apocalypse Weapon!
Location: Any Major Village
Rank: S
Team: Optional
Client: Kage

1,200 Ryo & 600 Exp
2,500 Ryo & 1,000 Exp (If You Take Down the Kaguya Boss)


A dangerous weapon known as Apocalypse has been reported to been secretly sold somewhere within the Village! It is your mission quietly find and destroy the weapon before it falls into the wrong hands. Be careful this weapon is heavily guarded by five B Rank ninja wielding powerful Earth Release ninjutsu. But that's not the true threat! Its their boss a sly and dangerous S Rank member of the Kaguya Clan. While it is not in your mission to take him down if you choose to do so you shall reiceve a greater reward!

Enemy Information:

Name: Stop The Thief! Regain the Information
Location: Any Major Village
Rank: S
Team: Optional (Preferred)
Client: Kage
Rewards: 2,500 Ryo & 600 Exp

Your Kage has called you in to ask you stop the world famous A Rank thief, "Quick Feet." Not only is his in your village but has also stole information from the Kage's office in which holds very important documents as to whose in your village Anbu branch! Your mission is to stop "Quick Feet" before he can leave the village and also regain the information. The kage also requests that you capture "Quick Feet" in the case he has other valuable information for the village. But be warned his is extremely fast an may choose to run instead of fight so you much end this fast!

Enemy Information:

Name: Stop The Former Kage?!?! Find the Edo Tensei User!
Location: Any Village Major
Rank: S
Team: Optional (Preferred)
Client: Current Kage
Rewards: 1,500 Ryo & 1,000 Exp

A former Kage of your village has been brought back to life and is being controlled to destory the village. While the Kage isn't as strong as they were then they were alive they are still a great threat to civilians around you. If you are paired with a team it is recommended one go after the Edo Tensei Kage and the other after the jutsu castor! While the Edo Tensei user is only a measly Jounin who chose to learn and abuse this jutsu, the Kage is certainly still S Rank and equppied with powerful jutsu. The Edo Tensei can be stopped by killing the user but. It is now advise if you are alone.

The Kage:

The Jounin:

Name: Kidnapping
Location: In a minor town
Rank: S
Team: Not required
Client: Kage
Rewards: 2,500 Ryo and 1,000 Exp
Description: You are to infiltrate a minor town and kidnap a young child by the name of seiske Shima. He will be guarded by an A-ranked escort who is known as the wind demon. It is imperative that you kill his escort but keep the child alive. He is to be returned to the village in one piece and without major damage done.[/size]

Wind Demon:

Name: Protect the Daimyo
Location: Any Major Land
Rank: S
Team: None
Client: Kage
Rewards: 2,500 Ryo and 1,000 Exp
Description: you are to guard the Daimyo as he makes his track back to the capital. All goes well until you are nearing a mile away from the capital when you are attacked by an S-ranked missing nin. He is a master of Genjutsu and a master swordsman. You must be very careful when dealing with him as he is very dangerous.

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Assorted S-ranks
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