Ninja Revolution: New Beginnings

One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Faulty Product? Call Mr. Fix-It. [PRIVATE | Rei]

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PostSubject: Faulty Product? Call Mr. Fix-It. [PRIVATE | Rei]   Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:34 pm

It was a pretty standard day in Konoha thus far, it had been Hideo's day off from missions and the young man laid on his bed looking at the ceiling. His crimson eyes fixated upon the single position as he was in thought. This didn't mean he wouldn't notice his young aunt appear in the doorway with a letter which instantly caught his attention. Getting up and walking towards her the Uzumaki's grasp closed around the letter and he opened it and read it to himself.

Hey Hideo, what's been up son? Konoha a lot of fun? Anyway enough chit-chat, I need you to do a favour for me since I am in Uzushio and you're in Konoha you're closer. The Head of the Hyuga Clan brought some sealing formulae from a merchant which he claims doesn't work now with the guy's high and mighty attitude he wants to call upon an Uzumaki to fix them or help him with his current predicament and you know? Being able to say he's the big man in a big clan that can bring an Uzumaki to do his work. Nonetheless just need you to go to the Hyuga Residence, fix those seals and might even send you something I don't know.

P.S. He apparently has a very attractive daughter, a little older than you but hopefully that's enough to make it worth it.

Til' Next time
~ Hideki (Dad)

After reading the letter Hideo sighed and shooed his aunt out so he could get changed and get ready, he hadn't intended to go out today and so it was a bit of a chore. Nevertheless he jumped out of the window and made his way to the Hyuga compound ignoring the suspicious glances from the Branch Family guards before going up and knocking on the door with two Branch Family members looking at him. Clearly the guards but they didn't acknowledge him he clearly walked with a sense of purpose for being here.

Let's just get this over with already, I can't believe I have to come over here and fix seals for the Hyuga on my day off.
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PostSubject: Re: Faulty Product? Call Mr. Fix-It. [PRIVATE | Rei]   Today at 1:38 am

Rei's father was displeased with something. Of what, Rei was not certain. It was a look in his eyes as they trained early that morning. Her father's thoughts were distracted and Rei counted at least 3 additional hits she managed to land upon her father while they practiced Jyuken. After the third solid hit, her father raised his hand to abate her assault. "Enough for today. It seems my mind is much too preoccupied to properly teach you this morning. Go shower, soon we will be having a guest over. His words confirmed her suspicions and she gave a polite bow as she excused herself from his presence. While her father would go to the main hall for their great clan compound, Rei would return to her own bedroom and get a fresh set of clothes to go take a bath.

"I wonder who our visitor will be today." she sad out loud to herself even though her two Branch family members were following closely behind as servants. The idea brought a small smirk to her face as she imagined some poor sap trying to persuade the guards that he was there on official business. In fact, even with proper paperwork and proof, the Branch family always gave strangers a hard time. While Rei bathed in the hot spring, her two attendants stood outside the door, both keeping watch for the time and intruders.
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PostSubject: Re: Faulty Product? Call Mr. Fix-It. [PRIVATE | Rei]   Today at 2:01 am

Waiting at the compound Hideo was rather bemused as he waited, deciding to lean back against the door frame he saw the Branch family guards visibly tense up from this action. They didn't speak or move against him though, the Head of the Clan had probably instructed them to do nothing about the Uzumaki since he was a guest and word couldn't get out that the Hyuga beat their guests could they?

"So can I go in or are they bringing me those seals?"

Hideo noted that the guards seemed to relax as though that comment confirmed that he was here on business and a task they had been forewarned about. Well that was good, he watched as one of the guards opened the door and let him pass before another one appeared next to him - almost identical as well. Clearly no sense of individuality but they all looked the same or like they were supposed to anyway.

"Man, you all seem pretty strange. I suppose the Head told you all about why I am here? So where can I find the seals anyway I had plans for today. Hey who's that?"

The Uzumaki tried to make small-talk but it was hopeless, until he spoke his last sentence and felt the sharp gaze of the Branch family escort on him and he grinned awkwardly since he pointed at none other than Rei herself as he said it and it was like he wasn't even allowed to acknowledge her existence, he watched her for a moment as she walked before going back to looking around the complex.

"This is not Hideki Uzumaki!"

The loud and angry voice pierced his thoughts and left Hideo to look at an older man who must've been a superior of some sort. He looked very mad at the escort.

"No. I'm Hideo Uzumaki, his son who he sent in his stead since he is preoccupied in Uzushiogakure. I assure you I can complete the task for him though."

He still seemed mad, nevertheless the man wasn't going to let him go any further. Gesturing for them to wait here the Uzumaki leaned against a wall again and sighed. More waiting for this man to take this situation to someone in the main family and hear their verdict. He did notice his companion was white with fear at the possible punishment for what they had done. It was an honest mistake, c'mon it couldn't be that bad.
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PostSubject: Re: Faulty Product? Call Mr. Fix-It. [PRIVATE | Rei]   

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Faulty Product? Call Mr. Fix-It. [PRIVATE | Rei]
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