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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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The slow, steady breaths echoed in the empty halls, a sign of both solitude and peace, but far more troublesome than one would expect. Despite the calm atmosphere, there had been a panic not long ago, a student running off. No one was quite sure why, but it was hardly the first time such a case happened. Daisuke Yorugo, a relative unknown, had just wandered off, and it was Kuro's job to deal with him. It was a job that should have been left to the academy instructors, but apparently they were shortstaffed, though Kuro knew not the reason for that.

It was rather simple, the kid left a bit of a trail, not much for anyone who did not expect such a thing, but more than enough for any trained ninja. It helped that he had not taken the public exits, which meant he was somewhere in the forest. It would have been a clever trick, an attempt to avoid public attention, but it also meant the trail had been relatively undisturbed. Yes, the slight scuffs in the dirt were more than enough, but there was something else, though Kuro could not define what drew him in that specific direction. It could be considered an instinct, though not one he knew anything about.

Theorizing about it only made Kuro eager to test if he was a natural sensor, but that was for later. The problem was not that Daisuke was fast, or particularly stealthy, it was time. Halfway through his search, the rain started, leaving him having to follow a set path rather than actively track the child. He was not a tracker ninja, he was meant for battle. Sending him to find a child was not terrible, but he was certainly hindered by the rain. Therefore, instead of using his tracking skills, he had to use his psychological skills, something rather rare. He did not know Daisuke personally, but he was a child of age 10, likely just having fun or running away from whatever social problems the school let happen.

Kuro was still young enough to remember how he was at that age, and where he would have gone in either case. He had searched the entertainment district first, but the rain made that unlikely, as most activities were canceled or held indoors, where Daisuke could not go. It was only after that, Kuro decided to check what little information he had on Daisuke. The kid had lost his mother a year ago, details were sketchy at best, with a hint of something bigger going on. He did not have the time or patience to deal with that yet, though. Daisuke's mother had gotten involved in an ambush of ordinary bandits and died. That wouldnt have been suspicious, except that she was a trained chuunin. Even an academy student was physically superior to anyone who did not use chakra, and bandits were usually very uneducated.

Even though he could not look further into the incident, Kuro did learn exactly where Daisuke was from the documents. He likely would have done the same. The information he had so far painted a clear picture of why Daisuke had run off, as well as where to. Daisuke's mother, Yui, was buried in one of the larger cemeteries, another hint that something was off.

After having arrived at the cemetery, Kuro immediately saw Daisuke, kneeling before a lone grave. The rain had not stopped, but it was much lighter than before, causing a light mist to form over the grass in the area. Kuro was a small distance from Daisuke, but did not speak. He was unsure of what to say, honestly.

"She always wanted me to be strong. Even dad did, before she died." Daisuke spoke suddenly, an odd maturity lacing his tone, undercurrents of his genuine anguish shining through. "She taught me a lot, even unlocked my chakra before I started the academy." That was no unheard of, though not as common outside of clans. Kuro himself had his chakra unlocked rather early, yet... why was Daisuke nothing special if that was the case?

"She was a ninja. Teaching the next generation is every parent's obligation." Kuro reasoned, trying to get Daisuke to talk more.

"What kind of ninja dies by bandits? Thats what they keep asking. I... I couldnt handle it. Today is the anniversary of her death. The teachers dont say anything, the other kids never stop, I just needed to come here, to see her. Dad hasnt brought me by, thinks Im too young. Dont see what a gravestone would do worse than losing her already was." Daisuke sounded more intelligent than he had any reason to be, but that was oddly common with ninja as well, even one so young.

"He probably cant handle it himself. Civilians rarely can." Kuro sighed. "C'mon, lets get you back to class. You had a lot of people worried."

"Do you think she would be disappointed in me for being so weak?"

Kuro stared at Daisuke for a long moment, the only sound filling the air being that of the rain hitting the ground. "Mourning a loss is not weak. Finding solace in a different location is not weak. Being weak just means falsifying strength." Finally, something he could answer, rather genuinely at that.

Daisuke smiled, a sad but beautiful smile, and nodded, following along with Kuro now. "How much trouble do you think I am in?"

"Probably not too much. Detention is likely, but anything else would be too much. Cant go weakening our future ninja, after all." Kuro shrugged, not thinking much of it for now. That instinct from before leading him to believe there was much more going on in the academy than anyone knew.

The two were silent until they reached the academy. Kuro waited for the instructor to be done with Daisuke before speaking to him, privately.

"Whats going on with the bullying problem?" Kuro was never one to mince words when unnecessary.

"What? I cant control everything every kid says." There was no denial that there was bullying, and that it was a problem. There was definitely more than appeared going on.

"No, but arent children supposed to learn camaraderie and loyalty from the academy?" Kuro pushed just a bit further than he should have, if the shift in the instructor's eyes was any indication.

"Kids will say what they want when they socialize, regardless of me telling them not to." The tone the man used was one Kuro had heard often, usually when someone simply shut down the conversation to avoid talking about anything they did not wish to discuss. Usually, it involved deeper secrets.

"I see. Well, good day then." Matching the cold tone, Kuro knew he got the message across. No doubt the instructor would remember this, but Kuro found he did not care. He remembered bullying quite well. Leaving it alone would go against everything he stood for. Still, that left a horrifying question that he could not think of an answer to.

What would connect a suspicious death to ignored bullying of a child?
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