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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Kyo's Jutsu 3 wip

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PostSubject: Kyo's Jutsu 3 wip   Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:25 am

Name: World of Void
Rank: S
Type: Genjutsu
Range: 100m
Description: When Void is summoned, for 100m in height and circumference, who or whatever is caught inside will be in pitch darkness. Inside this void, all senses will be removed apart from the sense of touch. The genjutsu is made to make any number of opponents feel insecure and make their actions limited. Giving the opponents an unsettling feeling having all their senses, even the taste in their mouth gone. The summoner isn't affected by this and if looked upon from a third party, the opponent will appear to just be standing there vulnerable for attack. The trigger of this genjutsu is when the opponent looks at the summon Void.
Requirements: Kyo's S ranked void summon

Name: Summon Synapsis
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 100m
Description: This jutsu allows the summoner to cast his jutsu onto them making them replicas of himself in battle. Meaning his summons once they are of the same rank, they would be able to perform the summoner's jutsu as comfortable and effortless as he would and they would benefit from the stats gains he receives as well. With this jutsu, they would even have his cursed seal powers and would be able to perform his limited jutsu so long as they have the skill to do so.

Name: Voided Sleep
Rank: S
Type: Genjutsu
Range: 100m
Description: A simple but powerful genjutsu that puts the opponents that are within the World of Void genjutsu to sleep for one turn. With a two post cool down. While they are asleep, from a look from the outside, the opponent will be in a deep sleep while they are standing from which he cannot wake from for one turn.

Name: Voided Death
Rank: S rank
Type: Genjutsu
Range: 100m
Description: A jutsu whose sole purpose is Make the opponent believe thst their body is being eaten away by an explosive cloud performed by the summoner. Once they look at Void, they will see parts of their body start to disintegrate and dissolve. A truly unsettling feeling to have which sole purpose is to distract opponent's from the user's true intentions
Requirements: void summon

Name: Voided Sloth
Rank: S
Type: Genjutsu
Range: 100m
Description: A genjutsu, activated when an opponent look at Void. When caught in this genjutsu, the person will be between a state of asleep and awake, a very drowsee feeling. They will feel sluggish and not even want to fight. When they do, while in the genjutsu their attacks would not be as fierce nor willmtheir speed be the same. They will attack and in mid attack not want to follow through with it. They with evade but hapharzadly and unwittingly make mistakes in their movement.
Requirements: void summon.

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Kyo's Jutsu 3 wip
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