Ninja Revolution: New Beginnings

One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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PostSubject: Amnesty    Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:17 am


He had endured a long journey and a longer derailment from his goals.

Civilizations had risen and fallen, men and women had died, organizations had hatched and failed in their dastardly plans. Or, perhaps, Jae simply mused in an overly dramatic fashion. In reality, little had passed in these years; true, many nations had fallen and the minor lands had suffered the unceremonious death of their shinobi populations, but beyond that the world had remained mostly the same. The comical Black Sun had collapsed due, in Jae's estimation, to the destructive power of Voltaire and Suna, though the rumors provided little clarity and he had not seen the Kazekage in some time. It seemed he had eradicated the entire village along with the organization, which seemed fitting of such a violent man. It brought a small smirk to the samurai's face.

The red head arrived before the shabby gate of Kirigakure, something rather out of place among the drab color scheme that the island nation presented. He bore a dark brown leather jacket with a fur lining layered over a simple white shirt with red tribal-esque patterns flowing across it. Simple, dark blue pants adorned his legs and he had sturdy brown boots as well. He had a small, half mask covering his eyes, white porcelain with red accents, an almost bird-like item which shielded the world from his marred eye. Slitted pupils took in the light mist of the surrounding area, just now illuminating with the low sun rising behind him. The late season brought a chill to the air though the mist gave a nice affect to the whole scene, a light, luminous film that seemed to enchant the area in the stark, slanted light.

On his left arm rode his small buckler with its gladius within, the muted bronze glinting lightly in dawn. He had his arms draped up over the horizontal bar of his spear which he balanced along his shoulders, forearms relaxed comfortably along the beam, head swiveling to and fro to take in the sights. All warriors maintained a constant vigil, and he proved no exception to this, but the land here intrigued him; he assumed it would look much more like the nearby marshy lands of Whirlpool but, instead, the ground was much stonier and rather solid, befitting the inland portions of the island. Some gulls swarmed here and there in lazy groupings and above, almost as a spec in the sky a good five-hundred meters up, soared some clearly larger bird. A predator, perhaps?

What a strange architecture, unlike what he had seen in the rest of the world, and he found it refreshing to see. Could Kiri teach him the true purpose of the utility of the ninja way?

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PostSubject: Re: Amnesty    Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:36 pm

Kozachi, too, was coming back to Kirigakure after a long stint of training with the jackals. It had been… well, saying that it was successful was an understatement, but she still felt a little down. Those animals had made her walk around with these awful dog ears sticking up out of her head instead of her normal human ones. That’s right, they’d determined that with her capabilities, she might as well walk around in active Sage Mode every waking hour. It wasn’t exhausting in the slightest, but it made her look like some stupid shut-in cartoon girl going to nerd convention. Ahhh… oh well, she couldn’t really complain. Her sense of smell, for sure, had become quite potent. She never knew how bad people smelled until now. If she thought about it hard enough, this kind of enhancement was a curse, too. Still, this sage mode at least suppressed the corruption on her soul far better than any of her previous methods had. No more berserk rages for her, now.

Speaking of which, the man in front of her in the queue smelled familiar. He smelled like…. Justice! Or rather, the smell reminded her of it. If she hadn’t had a full control over her faculties, she would have kept sniffing the air to figure out exactly what it was.

“Er… um… excuse me.” She’d speak hesitantly to the man, who had what seemed to be a pretty hefty spear. Calming her fluttering stomach, she spoke again with more surety. “Are you a warrior of righteousness?”

[Used: Jackal Sage Mode? -70 chakra, but then +100 lul. Not sure if I should count this even if it's just normal interaction]
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PostSubject: Re: Amnesty    Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:47 pm

He found himself genuinely perplexed by his own position within the queue; he'd hardly even realized that a line had formed of people awaiting entrance into the village. It seemed that even years after the destruction of Iwagakure and the ridding of the ninja presence from within every minor nation the Land of Water yet brought in refugees by the dozens. And, as it had just so happened, he too came as a wayward soul with no place to call his own.

Iron had been destroyed.

Or it had... vanished?

Or he was banished?

To be perfectly frank, his memories surrounding that particular topic were hazy at best. He could neither remember nor envision a real threat to his homeland, at least so long as he still drew breath, and no news of the destruction or conquest of the Iron Realm spilled from anyone's lips even when he asked nicely. And yet some part of him continually told him that the land could no longer exist for dubious and unclear reason. What a... let down. The sheer absurdity of it all brought a small smirk whenever he so much as thought about it, though he rarely did anymore. He found himself too busy searching the ninja world for any semblance of meaning or life or interest at all.

The girl behind her spoke up and Jae rolled his mostly shielded eyes as she did but turned to glance at her over his shoulder, arms still casually draped compromisingly over his weapon, his sharp pupils taking in the woman. A nagging sensation in the back of his head kept trying to inform him that she was probably powerful, certainly a ninja, a more than a bit dangerous, but his sensibilities told him that all ninja were fundamentally the and weak because of it. Still, he combed over her himself and took in her... impressive physique and bizarre attire. Great, a furry.

He shifted, rather slightly, to face her sidelong, though more fully than before. The prongs of his trident pointed away from her, over his right shoulder. Could she feels its presence? Most ninja seemed to miss it, something which flabbergasted him. Nope, I don't think I am.
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PostSubject: Re: Amnesty    

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