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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Jutsu and Element System

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PostSubject: Jutsu and Element System    Fri May 05, 2017 9:28 am


**It should be noted that any and all jutsu trained by posting MUST actually be trained in the posts. You can't post about buying flowers for 5 posts and then suddenly know how to use the Shadow Clone Jutsu. This will be closely monitored**

Jutsu Cost: The following is the amount of Exp which jutsu costs to buy.

You must train/buy ALL jutsu
E-rank: 50 Exp/ 1 post
D-rank: 100 Exp/ 2 posts
C-rank: 150 Exp/ 4 posts
B-rank: 250 Exp/ 6 posts
A-rank: 500 Exp/ 8 posts
S-rank: 1000 Exp/ 10 posts

Element Cost:

First Element: Roll Dice, or 500 Exp or 2 posts
Second Element: 750 Exp or 3 posts
Third Element: 1500 Exp or 5 posts
Fourth Element: 3000 Exp or 8 posts
Fifth Element: 4000 Exp or 10 posts

Advanced Release Cost:

First Advanced Release Element: 1500 Exp (500 Exp if it is your clan's advanced release.) or 5 posts
Second Advanced Release Element: 2000 Exp or 7 posts
Third Advanced Release Element: 3000 Exp or 10 posts
Fourth Advanced Release Element: 5000 Exp or 15 posts
Fifth Advanced Release Element: 6000 Exp or 20 posts

Dice element numbers:
1: Fire Release
2: Water Release
3: Earth Release
4: Wind Release
5: Lightning Release
6: Scorch Release
7: Crystal Release
8: Steel Release

You can pay 2,000 Exp to roll the dice again, but you must still keep the first element you got. You may only roll two times in your characters lifetime. Meaning if you roll at start, you only have one left.

NOTE: To use an Advanced Element that doesn't require DNA, you must purchase it with Exp and then train to unlock it IC for 5 posts.

NOTE: All ninjas have access to the Yin and Yang releases these do not need to be purchased. The Yin-Yang Release does count as an advanced release and must be purchased but it does not require a KKG.****

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Jutsu and Element System
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