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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Band of the Hawk WIP

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PostSubject: Band of the Hawk WIP   Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:48 pm

Clan Name: Band of the Hawk
Clan Symbol:

Clan History: Very little is known about those of the Band of the Hawk. Legend says that they were a small group of mercs-for-higher, traveling around the world offering their services to the highest bidder. They were and still are incredibly well known for their combat ability despite not having the ability to directly use elemental chakra.

Within the Band of the Hawk exists a hierarchy system known only as the Chosen Council. The Chosen are each equipped with a powerful, unique weapon and set of armor that has its own abilities. In order to become a member of the Chosen, one must kill an existing member and take their place. If an existing member of the Chosen kills another, they inherit that weapon and can either pass it on to another or keep it themselves. There are up to 5 members of the Chosen Council.

Currently, the Hawks are under sovereign command of the Flame Village. Though they are a military group, they are not ninja nor are they samurai. They exist outside of the village's combat hierarchy and do all the training within the clan itself.

Clan Size: 5
Clan Appearance: There is no uniform appearance among those of the Hawk.

Clan Location: Flame Village

Clan's Reputation: Infamous through speculation.

Clan Ability/KKG Description:

Members of the Band of the Hawk high physical attributes and have the unique ability of being unaffected by the negative aspects of weapons/armor/etc that they wield. An example would be them not being slowed down by a heavy set of armor. Members of the family have incredibly knowledge of combat and war tactics, often times working as high ranking generals.

Those of the Hawk are blessed with incredibly high strength, speed, and vitality. They are capable of sustaining significant damage and continue fighting at efficient levels.

Innate Abilities
Warrior's Strength: Members of the Hawk family are immune to the negative physical effects caused by the weapons/armor they wield. That is to say that they are unaffected by weight, material types, etc. This allows them to wield the monstrous weapons they are world-renown for effortlessly.

Chakra Manipulation: Like samurai, those of the Hawk can blend chakra with their weapons/armor to perform otherwise impossible feats, such as long range attacks with melee weapons.

God's Armory: God's Armory is the name given to the weapon and armor of the strongest member of the Hawk family. The weapon and armor have been passed down through countless generations are capable of devastating power when in the hands of a proficient combatant. The contents of God's Armory will be listed below.

Dragon Slayer: A massive weapon that is less sword and more slab of iron. Legend states that this was forged in fires fueled by the bodies of those burned alive. The sword is insanely durable, capable of withstanding the strongest of attacks without shattering.

Berserker Armor: This is a set of armor that is powered by the injuries sustained by the wearer. More specifically, the armor is powered by the wearer's blood. When the wearer sustains significant injury, the armor will forcibly reinforce and "fix" any major injury for a limited time (5 posts). However, this does not mean that the user is cured of any wrongdoing. Instead, the user simply is permitted to fight at full strength for 5 posts after sustaining significant injury (barring death, of course). Once the 5 posts are surpassed, the user immediately collapses and is unable to move. The user must then write a 1,000 word rehabilitation post (if they manage to be rescued by someone and taken to a hospital). If the user cannot make it to safety soon after the end of the 5 posts, they die.

Berserker Armor comes equipped with a repeater crossbow on the top part of the wearer's left arm.
Clan bonuses:

Clan jutsus:
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Band of the Hawk WIP
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