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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Yūwaku Clan

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PostSubject: Yūwaku Clan   Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:57 pm

The Yūwaku Clan

Clan Name: Yūwaku Clan

Clan Symbol: See Above

Clan History: The history of the Yūwaku Clan is a somewhat interesting tale, and it’s origin is technically that of a love story. To keep things short, Miryoku Tekina Kyonyū was the first ninja born with this odd mutation, and that coupled with her...well, let’s just say alluring body…and her skill as a Shinobi, she was used as a seductress to deal with more delicate cases. Her body and technique prevented many wars, but her end as a Shinobi happened on one such mission.

She was sent out to convince a lord to not declare war on her nation, and she did just that, but not how one would have expected. Normally, one or two Genjutsu later, and it was mission accomplished for her...but this lord was different. Despite not being trained as a Shinobi, her techniques did not work on him, but despite this he fell for her and stated he would stray from war if he could take her for his wife. She had to agree: it was her mission to stop him from declaring war after all, and he was mildly attractive. Thus, she became Mrs. Miryoku Tekina Yūwaku, and after a time she did fall for the lord. They would end up having five children together, and three of those were daughters. When the daughters showed the signs of having the same abilities she did, she decided to train them to be Shinobi. This ended up being the beginnings of the Yūwaku clan, and almost half a century later it is a thriving clan...although not under the best pretenses.

Clan Size: 40 NPCs, 7 PCs

Clan Appearance: Male members of the clan do not have any telling physical attributes, although they are all highly attractive and fit men. Female members are a bit different: while they also are all very attractive and physically fit, they seem to age and mature faster starting around the age of one. It seems to be a sort of two-year growth spurt. For example, a one-year-old female Yūwaku Clan member will have the physical appearance of a three-year-old, and a three-year-old female member would have the physical appearance of a five-year-old. This two-year physical advancement is consistent up until a female member reaches thirteen, at which time puberty has kicked in. At this point, female members can look anywhere between thirteen and twenty-one, so it would do a customer well to ask before assuming.

Also a tribute to the amazing genetics of the Yūwaku Clan, members of the clan do not show signs of aging right away: in fact, it takes a long while before even a single wrinkle would show. A member of the Yūwaku Clan will maintain their youthful appearance up until some point between their sixties and seventies. However, it would seem that whatever it was in their DNA that kept them so young and attractive for so long almost completely disappears it would seem, as they age rapidly and start to look their age within a year or two after the process starts.

There are rumors surrounding the Yūwaku Clan that the men in the clan also mature early and retain their youth for a long period of time, but little is known about the male members of the clan as more attention is focused on the females.

Other than that, Yūwaku Clan members do not have any consistent physical characteristic about them (all the same hair color, eye color, facial features, etc), but they do in fact wear their clan symbol on them at all times as they are raised to be proud of their lineage. Things can range from it being printed or embroidered on any part of their clothing or as a tattoo, although having it as a tattoo is more common for the female clan members. Either way, it is always in a spot that is hard to miss and is almost demanding your attention (on a lapel or t-shirt front or hat, belly/breast tattoo or tramp-stamp).

Clan Location: The clan has members in all the major villages, as that kind of money can be accrued pretty much anywhere.

Clan's Reputation: Oh boy, here we go! The Yūwaku Clan has one of the lesser-than-desired reputations among most clans and with society as a whole. See, there was a time when the Yūwaku name was to be feared as a sexy assassin with the bleeding white rose marking on her flesh and that you always look twice at a girl...both out of desire and fear. However in times of easy living and lack of war or need to fight, the clan still needed to feed mouths, and it was a clan filled with nothing but beautiful the choice was obvious.

While it has been many years since the Yūwaku clan was known as the ‘Baishunpu Clan’ or the ‘Clan of Ill Repute’, the truth is that was what kept the clan thriving for many years. Changes due to issues of such dealings with very young women and nations in general wanting to improve their social and moral standings were forced upon the Yūwaku Clan, and thus the clan resorted to less…’interactive’ methods. Now just a place for customers to enjoy a drink in one hand and a fine woman hostess in the other, the Yūwaku Clan has been making significantly less on profits these days, what with their previous reputation proceeding them as well as no longer providing said services. They seem to be managing due to good investments and a large savings, but who knows how long that will last.

Clan Ability/KKg Description: Every female born into the Yūwaku Clan is born with the ability to naturally produce a body odor that influences the mental status of those within the vicinity of their scent. This ability reveals itself when the female’s body starts puberty and is a natural occurrence that must be trained to control due to the odor’s natural ability to lull those would are subjected to it into a deep slumber.

This is only in it’s rawest form, however. The natural phenomenon that is occurring is the female’s chakra naturally leaving the body and mingling with their sweat and pheromones, and thus creating this effect. With training, one learns to control the chakra being released so that it doesn’t happen involuntarily, and this training is mandatory. After this training is successful, since the chakra isn’t leaving the body naturally it can be manipulated prior and thus can be used to perform desired effects, the most notable of which is to manipulate the opponent’s mental condition.

One of the advantages of this is that females of the Yūwaku Clan can strengthen the natural ‘knockout gas’ effect this aroma provides, making it more potent and possible to affect even some of the most powerful Shinobi out there. This can also allow them to create other effects like causing strong emotions to take hold, such as fear, anger, or lust. This possibly where the Yūwaku Clan shines the most.

Most Genjutsu encompass some sort of visual illusion, tricking the mind into thinking that something is happening to them when it’s not, and the scent-based Genjutsu of the Yūwaku Clan’s Kekkei Genkai is no different in the sense that they are causing an illusion, but instead of inflicting pain or causing one to be immobilized by thinking something is happening, the Yūwaku Clan’s Genjutsu is something far more subtle and sinister.

It’s well known that one’s sense of smell is the strongest of the five sense when it comes to reminding you of things from your past, and memories can trigger strong emotions in people. The Yūwaku Clan may know this best, and this is how their Genjutsu is so strong and also deemed rather underhanded. A member will simply use the desired Genjutsu technique that they believe will be most potent based on the information they’ve gathered. They could then use their Kekkei Genkai to cause an opponent to relive a particularly strong memory in a manner so vivid, it would seem like they were actually there again, and this would cause them to suffer from said emotion the memory invokes. The intensity of the emotional response would also be...well, intense, due to the vivid reliving of the memory. An example would be having gathered that an assassin a member has been ordered to kill has a fear of death, and after meeting him at a bar and getting his attention, she confirms her suspicion. She would then use her training in Genjutsu and her Kekkei Genkai to produce an aroma that, when breathed in by the assassin, reminds him of a near-death experience he had. While reliving this memory as if it were happening all over again, the assassin becomes paralyzed with fear. The member takes this opportunity and slits the assassin’s throat.

If an opponent is not effected by the Kekkei Genkai, than the only thing that changes it that they would notice that the Yūwaku Clan member smells sweet, as if wearing nice perfume. If she had been wrong and the assassin did not have a memory or anything tied to fear, the only thing that the assassin would notice is that she now smells better than she did before, possibly leaving her…other opportunities to find an opening later on.

Clan bonuses:

Genjutsu Affinity and Mandatory Training: Since the females of the Yūwaku Clan have bodies that naturally produce Genjutsu effects and are trained to be able to control them, as well as training in general Genjutsu, females of the Yūwaku Clan start with a Skill Up in Scent Genjutsu.

Seductive Techniques Training: While this is usually looked down upon by most, the Yūwaku Clan trains their women in the arts of seduction. Being able to sense how their target is feeling, and respond and manipulate them accordingly, provides an extra layer of detection and awareness to the heightened senses they already have due to Genjutsu training. Members of the Yūwaku Clan start with 30 Stat Points in Perception.

Clan jutsus: TBA
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Yūwaku Clan
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