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 Lucianna's Mission Thread

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PostSubject: Lucianna's Mission Thread   Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:30 am


With training done and dusted, it was time for Lucianna to earn some ryo and the only means of someone her rank to make some ryo was by doing some miscellaneous tasks. Truth be told she would rather do things that would test her skills as a shinobi, however, with her rank being what it was she had no choice to do random tasks for strangers. Having done her chores that the clan elders constantly force her to do, she would head out to the mission board to take a look at the available missions for her rank. “This is all they had to offer, huh?” She muttered silently as she gawked at the board filled with nothing but uninteresting tasks. Letting out a sigh she would close her eyes and randomly snatched at one of scrolls before unrolling it to see the contents. “I guess this will do.” She said before heading to the rendezvous point.

Arriving at the location, Lucianna would be greeted by the man that had wanted assistance. Apparently, he had informed some of his friends that he actually had a child and they had invited her for dinner. In truth, she didn’t mind as she was feeling hungry and didn’t mind being paid for the mission and getting the free food. After exchanging pleasantries, they would head towards his friend’s house. Being the great actor she was, she would ensure that she was on her best behavior at all times and ensured her mannerisms didn’t disappoint. “Wow, she’s such a darling!” The wife of his friend said seemingly infatuated with Luci. The night had dragged on longer than she had hoped for but the amazing meal that the woman had cooked made it worthwhile. Thanking the woman for the meal, she would slightly bow towards the man and the woman before leaving with her “father.” “Let’s do this again Orion-san.’ She said with a smile as she did enjoy getting free food and being paid. With that said, she would head home.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucianna's Mission Thread   Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:37 am


It had been awhile since Lucianna had done anything constructive as she was out with a cold for the longest time, which was ironic since she was training her butt off to avoid being out with something as simple as a common cold. Either way, since she had no one to train with at the moment she decided to go ahead and take another mission to earn some more money in her pocket. Having made her way to the mission board she would take the only mission available at that time and that was some stocking mission. “Seemed easy enough.” Lucianna said before taking the poster down and headed to the location of the mission.

Having arrived at the establishment, she would open the door and greeted the man with the broken arm. After explaining that she was here to help him out with restocking his shelves, she would get to work. First, she would carry around the box of supplies from outside to inside the store and once they were all inside, she began arranging them in the order that the shopkeep had preferred. Though it had been over twenty boxes, she had somehow managed to complete the restocking of shelves before lunch time and to show his gratitude, he would invent her to lunch and since she wasn’t one to deny free food, she would gracefully accept and when they had their tummy full, she would bid him farewell and headed home.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucianna's Mission Thread   Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:29 pm


Having completed a few training sessions with members of her clan. She was out and about again looking for a mission or two to undergo. The missions available to her were pretty trash, however, they were the necessary stepping stone for her growth and development. Stopping at the mission board, she would pick up a particularly interesting looking one. Having taken it down from the request board, she would make her way to the academy.

Having arrived at the academy, she would head on over to the teacher who was having issues with the young boys in her class and after she had given her their names and their descriptions, Lucianna would make her way to the hallway and waited for the two. Once the two had arrived for their daily bout, Lucianna would intervene and smiled. “I heard you guys liked fighting. How about you fight me?” Lucianna stated. The two boys would first look at her and laughed. After all, she was just a pale skinny girl, how would she stand a chance? Moving towards her the first boy would look to punch her but would be greeted by a swift kick in the face to send him flying into a nearby row of lockers. The second boy would stop and stare in amazement, but that was his error as Lucianna would run towards him before punching him in the gut then swiftly uppercutting him. With their bruised bodies and egos, the two boys would run away, Lucianna would smile before heading back to the teacher to explain the situation and that she was pretty sure that they wouldn’t be causing havoc anymore.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucianna's Mission Thread   Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:18 pm


It was getting a tad bit late in the village hidden in the mist and while everyone else seemed to be heading home or heading out to eat or drink Lucianna was on her way to another mission. This one would most definitely leave a bad taste in her mouth as it required her to throw a fight, which was a tad bit ridiculous but she had accepted this mess so she had to go through with it. Ensuring that she had the directions right, she would turn left down an alleyway to meet up with the person who arrange the fight.

Having received the instructions from the man. It was time for her to get into the match. The person before her seemed fairly weak and using the term fairly was a compliment. As the fight begun, Lucianna found it quite easy to dodge all of her opponent’s attacks, as she stated before, he was weak. For each attack he missed she landed two blows to him which made him stagger around before she attempt to finish him off with an uppercut, but before she could she would remember that she had to throw this fight. So instead of delivering the uppercut she would take his wild swing to the chest, staggered backwards and fell to the ground.

With the fight successfully thrown, Lucianna would take her reward and just left. This was a rather painful day and she needed to blow off some steam.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucianna's Mission Thread   Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:22 pm


After suffering from humiliation from throwing a fight she could’ve easily won in her last mission, it was time to do something a bit simpler in nature. This mission was would have her patrol the village in order to ensure that everything was alright. This mission was more special than her previous ones as the others were just miscellaneous tasks by random civilians, while this one was from the higher ups in the village. Having already made her preparations, it was time for her to head out as it would be quite the late shift for this mission.

“So far so good” Lucianna stated as she wandered through the streets of Kirigakure. She had been patrolling for about an hour and a half and everything had been normal thus far. Though she didn’t this mission being eventless, she had sort of hoped that something had happened so she could showcase her skills and by something she meant something minor not anything extreme like a Bijuu attack or an invasion. Just as that thought had crossed her mind, a cry for help rung out through the village streets. Turning on her heels, she would run towards the call and would notice that there was someone robbing another in the alleyway. “Hey! Stop what you’re doing right now!” Lucianna cried out to startle the mugger and that’s what exactly what she did. The man would end up grabbing the bag from the woman and took off but he didn’t count on her chasing him. Lucianna would immediately chase after the man and seeing this he would panic and began throwing anything he could get his free arm on into her path. Thankfully for her, she was quite agile, thus she would easily evade all of the debris before launching herself forward and tackling him to the ground.

Besides that little incident, nothing much had happened in the night. She had managed to turn over the thief to the authorities and got back the purse as well. All and all it was an easy going night and once the patrol had ended it was time to go home.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucianna's Mission Thread   Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:58 pm


What she was required to do today was teach a group of Academy students techniques and other skills that were necessary for a ninja to know for the future. An easy mission for a Genin, she thought. It had been a long time since she last visited Kirigakure’s ninja academy, but she could recall how tough it was. All she had to do was give a few demonstrations and then call it a completed job. The Yuki princess stood before the unopened doors of the classroom where the students were. A smile was present on her face as she gave three knocks to notify the teacher of the class that she had arrived. She was not nervous about having to do a presentation before a group of kids, but she did hope that it would turn out alright in the end.

“Ah, you must be the one they sent to teach the class,” a male ninja who was much older than Lucianna opened the door, greeting her with a serious but welcoming expression. Judging by his appearance and nature, he had to have been the proctor of the classroom. He motioned to Lucianna for her to enter, so she followed after him to stand at the front of the classroom where all of the students could see. “Class, as I have told you before, we are having a Genin visitor come in to teach you different skills that you’ll have to know for when you become ninja. Standing next to me is Lucianna Yuki. I’ll be leaving you in her care for now, so please treat her with respect. Now then, the class is all yours.” The proctor moved away to take his place near the window of the room so that he wouldn’t be in the way. With the floor now hers, Lucianna took center stage to address everyone present. “It’s nice to see you all today,” she greeted with a short bow, and quickly moved on to what she was supposed to be doing. The students weren’t impressed totally, but that was to be expected. They wanted to go out and experience everything for themselves. “Today, I’m teaching you a couple, very simple techniques. You aren’t going to have to show me that you can use them, but make sure you watch carefully.”

Lucianna placed her hands together and began to concentrate. “This is a jutsu that can play a key role on missions,” she said, focusing her chakra. “It doesn’t take too much, so be sure that you balance out your chakra control enough for it to work properly.” It was mere moments after she paused to perform the technique when her physical form changed. At the moment of activating the jutsu, her physical form appeared to resemble that of the proctor standing at the other side of the classroom. The similarities between the two were great, which made it an excellent ability to teach them. Lowering her hands to her sides, Lucianna watched their expressions shift from unimpressed to amazed. It made her smile and view her teaching as a success. “This is what you call, Henge no Jutsu-- or Transformation Jutsu. You can turn into just about anything with it!”

Shortly after showing them the art of transformation, Lucianna’s form poofed back to normal. “Just make sure you use it at the right place and time, or else there might be harsh consequences,” she laughed, and so did the proctor. “Now, I’m going to move onto the next jutsu. This one is called the Bunshin no Jutsu, or Doppelganger Jutsu.” Performing the necessary hand sign, Lucianna controlled her chakra enough to cause for something to appear next to her. The gasps and looks of surprise told her that it was something they found fascinating. Briefly glancing to her right, where the clone had appeared, Lucianna saw the successful model of herself. “It can be quite useful, but use it wisely. With these two techniques, you’ll be on your way to master a whole lot of great things! So, I wish you all a lot of luck.”

While it was just a short presentation, it was good enough to get the students excited for learning new techniques themselves. The proctor himself was pleased with how everything turned out. And, with it being an overall success, Lucianna went to take her leave. She was going to have to report that everything went well.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucianna's Mission Thread   Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:48 am


A hunt for cats that had gotten loose from their owner seemed like a bit of a poor job to take, but who could deny an elderly woman help? Lucianna had a soft spot for cats, too, so she could why the owner might want someone's assistance in getting them back. She would do her best to get all five of them back in one piece. Otherwise, she would undoubtedly hear many words from the client. Very mean words. "Okay then," Lucianna let out a breath, and put her hands on her hips. She was in the middle of the village, a bit unsure about where she should start looking. There were quite a few places for animals to hide in the village. But, then again, there was a lot of water. Cats had a natural grudge against aquatic matter, she knew that very well. None of them could have gotten too far. About ten minutes into the search, Lucianna was already looking high and low for the missing cats. There was no sign of any feline yet, but that was to be expected. Surely one or two would pop up sooner or later, as long as she had a vigilante eye. "Hm," she pursed her lips. "They weren't wrong when they mentioned these cats being sneaky. It's as though they got up and vanished without a trace."

Lucianna continued walking around the village with her eyes searching all over. "Oh, wait a minute," she stopped abruptly, and reached into her pocket. It was lent to her by the old woman she was giving a hand. "Cats love these things, don't they?" It was a small bag of catnip. Or, maybe it was the sound of little baggies that attracted them. With that in mind, Lucianna began to shake the bag of catnip with her fingers as she strolled through Kiri's streets. "Kitty, kitty, kitty! Where are you little guys?" Repeatedly, she called out for the cats to come to her, but it was taking quite a bit of time. When she had gotten to the village square for the second time, she was still shaking the bag of catnip around. It was after hearing a quiet meow from behind her when she got a good feeling bubbling in her chest. The moment she turned around, her eyes fell on a small cat with white fur and orange patches. "There you are, cutie. Looks like you couldn't resist the call of nip, huh?" Into her arms the cat went-- one out of the five who ran away.

A smile appeared on her face as she stroked the small animal's fur gently. "Heh heh, I guess this is a lot easier than I thought," Lucianna laughed, and continued on her way to find the others. It wasn't long before more cats started to follow after her trail. One at a time, they started running out from behind stands and corners. It wasn't long before all five of the cats that she was looking for gathered behind her. And, now that she had them where she wanted them, it was off to the old woman's home to deliver the cats. Dropping them off there was quick and easy, the cats were able to get their catnip, too. So, it was a win-win. "I hope I'll never have to do that again, to be honest..." Never again did she want to have to look all over the place for a bunch of felines. They were always so elusive and cunning. Sometimes even a ninja had a hard time with that, and she was one of those who found it to be troubling.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucianna's Mission Thread   

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Lucianna's Mission Thread
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