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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Will of Steel (Training/Open/NK)

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PostSubject: Will of Steel (Training/Open/NK)   Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:42 pm

Azayllyn stepped out dressed in his normal overly-cute-for-a-boy suits that he'd inherited from the village. This particular one he used for training. Sitting down in a relatively reclusive spot on the training ground he closed his eye's and began to focus. He wanted to train and increase his chakra and this was the first step to his training. Carefully clearing his mind of all distractions he visualized the inner workings of the average shinobi body and the chakra veins that flowed through them as well as how they flowed and the rhythm they normally followed. Then he mentally reached out for his own chakra feeling his way around until he had an intimate understanding of how his chakra worked compared to the generic behavior of other shinobi's chakra. Smiling to himself he experimented with it letting all small and sometimes unecessisarily large bursts of chakra which normally responded by producing Steel in some way shape or form. After experimenting for a while he went back to studying his chakra and familiarizing himself with the feel of it. He also began to come up with a brilliant idea and seperated a large portion of his chakra into a separate mental chakra pool. After fumbling with it for a while and losing a lot of chakra in the process he finally got a good sized pool going. Satisfied and beyond exahusted he called it a day for today.

Word Count: 237

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PostSubject: Re: Will of Steel (Training/Open/NK)   Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:23 pm

The next day Azayllyn stored another big chunk of chakra in his second chakra pool. After he went back to the training grounds but this time he went to the training dummies and prepared himself. Another way to train one's chakra was to push it past it's limit's. So with a fierce, and lightly adorable, battle cry he charged the dummy producing steel weapons from his body and attacking the dummies mercilessly. Blow after blow and weapon after weapon . Sometimes he just hardened his fist or legs and attacked that way. Other times he made bigger weapons then he normally did. He kept going and going until before long Azayllyn could feel himself reaching the end of his energy, he was getting to the point where he normally passed out. But he was determined to keep going, to push himself. With a defiant bellow that echoed off the sky like a crack of thunder, he kept going and when he began to reach his peak the moment where his chakra should have given out it kept going for one more burst that allowed him one more attack before he promptly passed out now oblivious to the world around him.

Word Count: 200 Words
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PostSubject: Re: Will of Steel (Training/Open/NK)   Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:49 pm

Azayllyn awoke in a fluffy bed with a cool damp cloth across his forehead. Siiting up dazedly he realized one of the villager's must have carried him to their home and taken care of him. Smiling and saying a silent thanks,  since it looked like the villager's in question weren't home, and slipped out heading back to the training grounds. He wasn't sure how long he'd been out but Azayllyn felt refreshed as if all his chakra had returned and once again before he began his training he set aside some chakra into his slowly growing reserves before starting his training in earnest. Today he summoned a single sword and held it out in front of him perfectly still. He stood like this concentrating on keeping that sword in existence for two hours before enlarging it and making it bigger. After holding that for another two hours he summoned another sword identical to the form his first sword had previously been in. Holding that sword out in his other hand he held both swords out for two hours before enlarging the second one as well. Azayllyn continued to hold each of the two swords and concentrated carefully on the chakra it took to maintain them. And after another few hours he heaved a tired breath as both swors dissapeared in a flash and he sank to his knees, dissapointed he wasn't able to push past his limit once again.

Word Count: 240 Words
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PostSubject: Re: Will of Steel (Training/Open/NK)   Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:04 pm

The next day Azayllyn once again gathered a portion of his chakra to put into his reserve and started out to the training grounds for another round of training. Today Azayllyn was going to test how many weapons he  could create before his chakra ran out and he would keep going even after thqat happened. He created weapon after weapon until he felt his body chiil from lack of chakra as he was doing his 14th weapon. with another thunderous roar he pushed on anyway summoning a 15th weapon, his signature, a Ktanna. And he wasn't through with one more push he summoned a second katanna and laughed out in victory before collapsing to the ground once again. This time as he colapsed he dreamed that he was still on the training ground and that he was summoning a multitude of weapons from the heavens. He wanted to be able to do that one day. Before long or what he thought wasn't too long being in dream land a the time, he awoke in the same bedroom as before but this time with a plate of steaming hot food and non-alcoholic mead right next to him. Through all his training he had forgotten one of the most important parts of training was to be properly fueled so without further ado, he ate.

Word Count: 222 Words

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PostSubject: Re: Will of Steel (Training/Open/NK)   Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:13 pm

Feeling renewed and refreshed after his awesome meal Azayllyn headed out again thanking the vilager's for their gracious meal and before walking into the training grounds devoted a good portion of his chakra to his reserves. Today Azayllyn decided to take it back to square one to witness his progress. So finding his reclusive spot he sat down to meditate and connect with his chakra. As he focused and got in touch with his inner chakra he was pleasantly surprised to find that his chakra had grown significantly since the way it had been before he began his training. With a yip of joy Az explored his new chakra and assimilated it to himself. After doing that he glanced a while at the steadily growing reserve of chakra he had been working on. After giving it a reassuring inspection he turned back to the outside world and stood. Holding out his hand he summoned a buckler shield with jagged spikes around the edges. Next he summoned a steel whip and with a near sadistic smile on his face he turned to the poor doomed training dummies and unleashed a show that would make the most avid whip user's drool and ended up with bit's and piece's of the dummies in the spikes on his improtu shield. After his training he trudged to the closest villager's house which happened to be the house of the villager that had previously taken care of him the last two times he'd passed out. There he passed out as soon as he got to the door.

Word Count: 262 Words
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PostSubject: Re: Will of Steel (Training/Open/NK)   

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Will of Steel (Training/Open/NK)
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