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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Guren Clan

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PostSubject: Guren Clan   Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:44 pm

Clan Name: Guren Clan (Clan of the Crimson Lotus)
Clan Symbol: [See above]
Clan History: The clan began as a subset of the Senju clan, except those were gifted with leafy plant manipulation instead of wood release. The difference is that those with the Guren blood could manipulate herbaceous plants, a contrast to the surviving Senju today's shinobi know of who can manipulate woody plants. Herbaceous plants include grasses, flowers, mosses, and vines, whilst being unable to manipulate any plant with a wooden based bark or stem. Few were born with this difference so it was never marked or treated as a separate clan and the history as well was not recorded. From various oral interviews, by word of mouth, rumors say that the clan members born with the difference chose for some unknown reason so travel and leave the close connection they had with that original clan. Those members dispersed in the wind becoming shinobi, vagabonds, and civilians at seemingly random. It was also rumored that if those with the Guren blood was more common in women and did not often occur in men, then it is possible the clan simply faded with time.
Clan Size: Less than 20 known current NPC users exist in the world. Because of the rarity and high dispersal of the users, most users will not achieve higher abilities and in addition, the users are not associated with one another and live in many places across the world.
Clan Appearance: When in use, the Guren kkg gives the user a slight green glow to the user's iris. This glow is only cosmetic and provides the user no benefits to sight in dark or otherwise. In addition, small curling vine like patterns appear just beneath the skin of the user's arms. When not in use and in use, the user consistently gives off a subtle smell reminiscent of flowers or damp earth soil. Users tend to have dark pigmented hair and pale skin.
Clan Location: Unknown- no specific place exists for members of the clan to collaborate or associate. Those with Guren kkg may be found in any village worldwide because they are a scattered and ancient clan.
Clan's Reputation: Rare or unheard of - Most shinobi, civilians and even kage are unfamiliar with this clan which has seemed to die out with time. Some specific individuals with the abilities may be known, but information of the clan as a whole is unknown. The clan is not influential and nearly nothing is known about their abilities.
Clan Ability/KKg Description: Plant Based Release , Also unnatural "green thumb" which helps plants to grow in sub optimal conditions, and when injured the body can produce a healing oil which reduces healing time in half. Those in this clan may be born with any type of elemental release with the exception of fire however there is an increased predominance of water or earth release.
Clan bonuses: Users can produce small amounts of oil or sap from their skin when injured which reduces the time for healing in half and applies a natural layer of anti-bacterial compounds to the surrounding area. Practiced users or advanced users can choose to manipulate the levels of oil or sap produced and change the compounds from healing to toxic to be used with weapons or other jutsu. All users are gifted with an unnaturally good "green thumb" trait and are able to help plants to grow in sub-optimal conditions.
Clan jutsus: [Not yet listed, or created]

Clan jutsus:(Which technique(s) is/are exclusive to your clan?)
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Guren Clan
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