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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Kenshi Remembers How To Do Things(Solo/Training)

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Kenshi Hiruno


Posts : 12
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PostSubject: Kenshi Remembers How To Do Things(Solo/Training)   Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:04 pm

He looked at the piece of paper in his hand. He had read it five times, and a certain level of rememberence came over him. He remembered all the skills he used to have, and about how he had lost them since a long, long time ago. That wasn't what made him sad, though. The thought of him becoming a ninja once again brought back Laxus, who he had sleepless nights over anyway. Now the Raikage was dragging him out of tertirement? It's as if he weren't 50 years old. They had the son of Laxus, wasn't that enough? Apparently not, as the letter in his hand dictated. He had to do something about this, but wasn't entirely sure what?

Perhaps, he should start by remembering how to use chakra natures. That's what he needed to do first.

He shortly after went to the training area and decided to start with earth.

He started with trying to shove his chakra into the ground, which sort of worked, but he'd need to work on actually perfecting it. He used to have it down, but it's been an awful long time since.

1/3 to learn how to use earth chakra nature.
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Kenshi Hiruno


Posts : 12
Join date : 2017-11-05

PostSubject: Re: Kenshi Remembers How To Do Things(Solo/Training)   Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:11 pm

He stopped for a moment and sat down. He'd get nowhere making an active effort to do things if all he was actually doing was remembering Laxus. He even heard him in his head now.

"You go on. I'll make sure you get out alive."

He spoke those words, Kenshi did. Man. Laxus cared about all life. Not just Kenshi's, not just those in Kumogakure. That boy would've sacraficed himself for anyone. That is what made the boy quite amazing to deal with. That made him so unique. He was the greatest mix of carefree and caring. He also made sure to keep his statements measured and also made sure to try and keep the peace when possible. That's the important thing about Laxus.

However, even as this happened, he couldn't forget why he came to the training area.

He put his hands on the ground and forced chakra into the earth a bit more. It moved this time, but not much. His technique was still rusty.
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Kenshi Hiruno


Posts : 12
Join date : 2017-11-05

PostSubject: Re: Kenshi Remembers How To Do Things(Solo/Training)   Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:28 am

Even with the lack of direct progress, he knew he was really close to achieving what he wanted here. That's what was important. he was close and would be able to achieve this in one swift go. In one more surge of chakra, he'd finally crack this case that would make his life slightly easier to the refound ability to use Earth Ninjutsu, and everyone would be happier for it.

He coursed his chakra through the earth. He managed to get a small table. A small table to sit on, but it was still small and 'broke' shortly after. He had achieved his mission, though. That's what mattered in this case. That was the important part of this.

3/3 can use earth jutsu now
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PostSubject: Re: Kenshi Remembers How To Do Things(Solo/Training)   

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Kenshi Remembers How To Do Things(Solo/Training)
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