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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Kijiya Clan

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PostSubject: Kijiya Clan   Mon May 08, 2017 10:58 am


Clan Name: Kijiya Clan
Clan Symbol: (See Above)
Clan History: The Kijiya Clan descend from Kijiya Otsutsuki, who's name they took as their clan's name. Kijiya Otsutsuki was one of the most important men to ever live, he was not powerful like Kaguya or any of the other Otsutsuki Sovereigns. What Kijiya had was much better. Brains. He was the smartest man alive at the time, developing the clan to be highly advanced and have a good understanding of science and engineering. It was Kijiya whom created the first real weapons with power, instead of simple swords and other tools, he created the very art of Bukijutsu and he taught his ways to his children who continued this.

In his lifetime Kijiya created Seventy-Seven tools he called Teigu, the clan was continued by his children. His eldest daughter is also famed for the creation of puppets and brought them into existence. Kijiya and his family grew tired of the conflict the powerful Otsutsuki were in and instead opted to flee to Earth so that he might continue his legacy. Kijiya's line continued and the clan grew strong and powerful however their bodies were incapable of using any form of advanced chakra nature, even through DNA Transplant, this lead the clan to pursue other areas which didn't require such things and so the clan became very similar to the Senju Clan in the aspect of being known for their ability to use many skills and be very versatile with them.

The clan continued, becoming famed and feared for their powerful Ninja tools. After the early formation of Ninja Villages the Kijiya Clan was constantly sought out for alliances simply for their tools or weapons and knowledge but they wanted no part of it and their only goal was enlightenment and a further understanding. Unfortunately Yamigakure wasn't going to settle for that, the corrupt village wanted the Teigu and all the Kijiya's power. A raid was done on the Kijiya Clan which killed quite a few of them, it also ended with the loss of Seven Teigu which were later known as the Seven Legendary Swords however those swords ended up scattered after Yamigakure lost many in conflict.

Wounded and in chaos the clan turned to the Samurai Lands, a minor nation known as the Land of Iron where the Samurai resided and lived their own way. They happily accepted the clan and took them in, as a show of good faith the clan used their knowledge to increase the food production and equipment production which made the Land of Iron much stronger with their population growth since in the past their small population was attiributed to very little land able to produce food.

They train and work, all in search of enlightenment, very rarely do they leave the Land of Iron since the Samurai are honourable and do not seek to take from them. Because of this Ninja Nations find it rare for there to be more than five Kijiya Clan members outside the Land of Iron at any one time.
Clan Size: 5 PC ~ 100+ NPC
Clan Appearance: There are no definite features of this clan.
Clan Location: Minor Lands -> Land of Iron.
Clan's Reputation: Known very well on the political world but general populace are not aware of them.
Clan Ability/KKG Description:

Art of Weapons: Innately all members of this clan are skilled engineers and builders with a strong understanding of how things work and an aptitude for weapons. With this innate aptitude a Kijiya can see a +1 Skill Bonus in two skills out of Bukijutsu, Ranged Bukijutsu or Kugujutsu.

Natural Aptitude: With their natural aptitude a Kirija is also tends to specialise in other areas of jutsu, granting them a +1 Skill bonus to any skill except the two that they chose from the previous trait.

NOTE: Members of the Kijiya Clan are unable to hold any form of KKG, KKM or KKT. They cannot possess advanced chakra natures or doujutsu etc.

Clan Bonuses:

Equipment: In terms of Ninja Equipment the Kijiya Clan can get a 50% discount off any equipment available to them, since most equipment can be made by the clan.

Teigu: Most members of the Clan can obtain one of the sacred Teigu if they are entrusted with one. [These can be made by the person or alternatively they can use a pre-existing one]

Clan Jutsu: More Coming soon.

Name: Seal: Soul Transfer Technique
Rank: C (For object) - S (For Puppet)
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Short
Description: The user transfers their soul into an innanimate object such as a piece of equipment or puppet, in this state the user can see, hear, taste and smell etc as if their mind was in the equipment or puppet. As a puppet they can use the body like their own and even live in it, it is often used on a Kijiya when they are close to death to seal them within a puppet or object so that they may last forever within the clan and their wisdom may be called upon. This is an excellent seal for surveillance but leaves the user's body effectively dead until the soul returns to it.
Requirements: Expert in Fuuinjutsu.

Known Teigu:
Draconian Sword:
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Kijiya Clan
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