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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Uzumaki Clan

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Clan   Mon May 08, 2017 11:14 am


Clan Name: Uzumaki Clan
Clan Symbol: [See Above]
Clan History: The Uzumaki, being descendants of Asura
Ōtsutsuki who is a descendant of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki the Sage Of Six Paths, also shared distant blood relation with the Senju clan. Due to the Senju clan's Kekkai genkai being possessed by few, which makes the other members to spend their time on other ninja skills to make themselves excel exceedingly in the ninja arts led to the formation of the Uzumaki clan. A part of the people without the Wood Release kekkai genkai studied fuinjutsu, learning a lot of techniques and passing it from one generation to another, the techniques created were known to help the Senju's respect and fear increase and the creators of such techniques eventually began to add a constant seal to their fuinjutsus which made them identified easily.

As the number of seals continued and the Senju grew in fame, the Senju clan took it to themselves to create a section of their clansmen to train in fuinjutsu, this was successfully done and after some time, there was a larger concentration of Fuinjutsu specialists in the Senju clan that didn't possess the Uzumaki clan. With the number of Wood Release users in the senju clan rare, the number of fuinjutsu specialists increased drastically, this created a worry between the council and eventually created a sect of their people to live elsewhere so that the Senju would not have an imbalance in their skills. The Fuinjutsu specialists were known as the Uzumakis and settled on an island near the coast of  the land of fire because of the numerous herbs found there

The Uzumaki clan maintained their relationship with the Senju and helped in the rendering of Fuinjutsu services to them while the Senju also helped them to accumulate more lands that was nearer to their territories. The Uzumaki accepted the Senju clan members that came to Uzushiogakure after the bijuu incident.
Clan Size: 90 NPC
Clan Appearance: Those with red hair have strong Uzumaki Heritage, although it is not a constant thing.
Clan Location: Uzushiogakure
Clan's Reputation: Famous for their Fuuinjutsu.
Clan KKG Description:

Body of the Sage: Because of their affiliation and relationship with the Senju Clan the Uzumaki have an enhanced physical condition. They have exceptional endurance, stamina and condition. This is seen by the fact that Uzumaki members are able to actually survive the process of having a bijuu removed from them, something that causes death to most people, and also they are one of the few clans that can handle two Rinnegan being implanted in them due to their distant relationship to the Sage of the Six Paths. Due to their body's high viality they are able to use a technique called the "Heal Bite Technique", allowing them incredible healing capabilities.

Clan bonuses:

Fuuinjutsu Speciality: Fuuinjutsu is in the blood of the clan and most from a young age will pick up on this rather quickly. It should be noted that the clan members can receive a boost to their Fuuinjutsu skill as a member of this clan.

Clan jutsus:
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Uzumaki Clan
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