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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Kurama Clan

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PostSubject: Kurama Clan   Mon May 08, 2017 11:30 am


Clan Name: Kurama Clan
Clan Symbol: [See Above]
Clan History:
Clan Size: 10 NPC/3 PC ||| LIMITED
Clan Appearance: No defining qualities.
Clan Location: Scattered.
Clan's Reputation: Infamous when the clan was strong but has since faded into nothing.
Clan KKG Description:

World Rejection
Every few generations, a member of the Kurama Clan will be born with an incredible talent for genjutsu. The clan member's talent in that field is such that their genjutsu is overwhelming. Furthermore, the genjutsu is so powerful that it causes the brain to believe anything that happens to the victim to the point where the genjutsu physically harms the victim's body. This fearsome ability allows the clan member to potentially kill their opponents with genjutsu. Such frightening power is not without its drawbacks, however. The user can rarely control the full extent of their abilities, and as such their subconscious will often regulate that power, leading to the creation of a second personality in control of that power. This personality then overwhelms the original, turning the individual into a monster that's a danger to everyone around them. Though, over time, this personality can be overcome and they are able to fully master their abilities.

When they are young, the use of mediums such as artwork and literature allow the Kurama the potential to let them to influence reality as well as use their imagination to break the boundary between illusion and reality allowing him to essentially be able to use an ability similar to the Sharingan's Izanagi at will and without the drawback of losing an eye although their mentality can suffer after long periods of using his genjutsu abilities. Any Genjutsu that a Kurama uses influences reality and becomes real. Though, their Genjutsu are unable to directly effect another person, meaning they can’t have one that just makes the person dead or wipes them from existence. (Obviously this will be watched to avoid instant kills.)

Clan bonuses:

Genjutsu Proficiency: The Kurama Clan passively gain a +1 boost to a Genjutsu sub-skill of their choosing ie. sight, hearing, taste etc.

Clan jutsus:
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Kurama Clan
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