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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Blooms [D Mission]

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PostSubject: Blooms [D Mission]   Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:46 pm

Azayllyn was still running around doing various errands for the villager's. He tried hard not to think of it as doing extra chores for his family but remedial training as a ninja. so he was moving all over the place by the time he'd gotten the request from Grampa vein to water the vegtable for him while they were out. He had spent plenty of time in the farms helping gramps with the farm chores so he was okay with providing his assistance with this as well. Besides at this point he was on a roll. He had been making his way through the village finishing other tasks but it was time for him to go to the farm now, so he made his way there at a moderately swift pace. A few turns and corners and he was standing in front of the farm. He went into the barn and straight to a set of stalls he knew would have a pair of farm gear just his size for whenever he normally came over to lend a hand. Azayllyn changed into his gear and pulled out the list of things to do he was given. Most of the jobs were crossed off except two. Azayllyn nodded to himself as he geared himself up to do the farm work. Putting the list away he wondered to himself which task he should tackle first. Watering the vegtables or harvesting the blueberries? I could water the plants first so they get the attention they need quickly but what if the blueberries decay by the time I'm done doing that? Hmmm...I guess I'd better start with the blueberries.  With his mind made up Azayllyn went on his way to take care of his tasks before the farmer returned but truthfully he intended to make quick work of this with his experienced hands.

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PostSubject: Re: Blooms [D Mission]   Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:10 pm

Azayllyn grabbed a few baskets on his way out of the barnyard and went to the blueberry patch. He began picking the berries swiftly with an expert hand. He knew which one's couldn't be used and put those in a big table cloth that had been in one of the baskets he brought. This tablecloth was what they always used to place rotten, prematurely picked and other throw-away crop's in. At the end of the day it was all tied up and sent to the repository to be recycled in some way shape or form. That was the type of farm Grampa Vein liked to run. Azayllyn smiled at the memories of his childhood. He used to be a kid who liked to have his finger in everything back then. Now that he thought of it he hadn't changed much except his face aging from baby-face to a youthful teen face that still somehow looked adorable for heaven knows why! Oh and now he was wired with hard-won muscle. Azayllyn fell back into the old easy pattern of working almost mindlessly as he let his mind wander. And before long he'd completely finished harvesting the blueberries. He tied up the unusable's and took all the filled baskets and the unusable berries tied in the table cloth and took them all into the barn putting them with the rest of the harvested food and repository-bound material and plants. Afterwards he took a water pail and suddenly began flashing throughout the fields from one spot to the next quickly giving water to each plant already knowing just amount they'd need at a glance. Doing it in this fashion he managed to pull it off in only two hours and considering how vast Vein's fields were this was definitely an accomplishment that was hard won. It took him a few trips to refill the watering can as well but those trips passed by quicker then the actual watering. Finally finished Azayllyn put away all the tools he'd used and changed back into his suit putting his farm gear back in it's proper place before heading out ready to finish the next task.
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Blooms [D Mission]
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