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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Mrs. Miyako [D Mission/Private]

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PostSubject: Mrs. Miyako [D Mission/Private]   Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:31 pm

Azayllyn couldn't believe how much he had gotten done in the entire day. The next thing on his list was Mrs. Miyako. Azayllyn often tended to Mrs. Miyako as she "lost" her locket every other week and Azayllyn was always the one who helped her look,and she always insisted on being brought along to search. The poor woman actually did lose it that often but it was always in the same place to be found she just continuously forgot it. Azayllyn believed it was her subconscious way of reaching out for someone to talk to since she was all alone now. Mrs. Miyako's husband died during the last ninja war and her estranged son came to take care of  her only to die himself of an incurable illness even Azayllyn and the other specialist couldn't cure. It was so frustrating, ever since that day Azayllyn had immersed himself even more so into his medical studies. Azayllyn appeared in front of Mrs. Miyako's home and she had already been standing out on her front porch waiting for him with a warm smile on her face. The first time he'd done this job she had looked paniced and sad at losing her precious locket but ever since Azayllyn started looking with her every time she losted the sadness had gradually become a welcoming smile as even she had to begin realizing how her absent mind gifted her with someone to talk to and more importantly listen to her. That's what Azayllyn did for her whenever he did this job with Mrs. Miyako. He listened kindly and attentively. Offering solace when needed, silence where due, and a lighgthearted comment or two to cut through unecessary tension. "Are you ready to go find the locket Mrs. Miyako?" Mrs. Miyako smiled brighter and walked from her porch to his side. "I am indeed and I hope it won't bother you if I make a bit of discussion along the way?" Azayllyn smiled kindly. "Not in the least Mrs. Miyako, I am always up for any discussion with you! I like to hear all you have to tell." Mrs. Miyako giggled like a woman 20 years younger and replied. "Then I'll have to tell you some really nice things today, huh?" And with that they set off.

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PostSubject: Re: Mrs. Miyako [D Mission/Private]   Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:18 pm

Azayllyn started their search by leading Mrs. Miyako through the merchant area's. "My husband was an avid collector you know? He would collect the oddest things you'd ever see in the world and put them up in our house. I used to always be horrified at finding out what he'd bring home next!" Mrs. Miyako smiled. "He must have been a very interesting man. I think it would be a pretty cool thing to see a collection like that." Azayllyn stopped to ask some merchants about Mrs. Miyako's locket and like usual they exchanged a look between each other before playing along and saying they hadn't seen it. Next they went over to a ramen shop and ordered some ramen to take a half break as Azayllyn went around asking the villager's about the locket, to which they all played along and said they hadn't seen it. "My boy LOVED ramen! He would always eat so much of it I'd tell him it was definitely unhealthy! But he always looked so happy when eating it I never had the heart to tell him no..." Azayllyn put a hand on Mrs. Miyako's shoulder in silent reassurance. Mrs Miyako squeezed the hand gratefully before replying, "Lets go ahead and move on now." All throughout the day Mrs. Miyako talked more and more and he learned more about the Miyako family then all of the last time's combined. When they went searching in the forest he learned about their camping trips and hikes and the time Miyako junior ran away from home and came back crying and how Mrs. Miyako didn't even yell at him she was just so grateful he'd returned. When they went to the lakeside he heard the storie's of their family fishing trips and how Mr Miyako and Miyako Jr. would bond together over their father-son fishing tournaments they'd hold, and how Mr. Miyako first taught Miyako Jr. how to swim and how Miyako Jr. Once skinned his knee jumping from stones on the lakeshore. When they went to the park Mrs. Miyako had so many wonderful stories about their outings there that they had spent most of the day there. By the end of the day Azayllyn had already learned pretty much every significant part of the Miyako family past. Before long it was getting to the time of the day where he pointed out to Mrs. Miyako that her locket had been around her neck the entire time, but when he looked it wasn't there even though he knew it had just been there and he'd checked. Just then Mrs. Miyako turned to him and spoke she sounded extremely happy and sad and nostalgic all at the same time but there was a serene smile on her face. "You have been just what I needed this entire time Azayllyn. You always hear me out no matter how much I go on and you actually LISTEN and you even TALK to me as well. Your're more then I could have hoped for. For such a kind soul to have found me and been able to see me, I'm glad it was you." Mrs. Miyaoko smiled down at Azayllyn once again as he looked up at her with confusion. Mrs. Miayako pulled the locket from her front pocket and places it around Azayllyn's neck. "'Mrs Miyak-" But Mrs. Miyako interrupted. "I'm dead Azayllyn. I've been dead for a long time. You are the only one in the village who can see me now, who can hear me. I died after the third time you'd come to see me but I could not move on....not yet. You've helped me to do that. I am sorry I've taken so much of your time but I am so glad to have had you to listen. The villager's did not tell you because they knew how much I meant to you and partially because of me. Since you spoke to me normally still and still talked as if I was there they felt they couldn't bring themselves to say it. For your troubles I want to give you some thing's. This locket for one, and there is a treasure in my house small but treasure all the same it's yours. Go and take it when you have the chance. And thank you again for listening it meant more then you could ever know! I'm glad I got to say goodbye.": She smiled her warmest smile ever as right before Azayllyn's eye's she began to fade into a sudden warm light. "B-but Mrs. Miyako....I....I," Azayllyn swallowed his words as tears streamed down his face as he realized he had to let her go. "Goodbye Mrs. Miyako." Azayllyn spoke this barely above a whisper but the still smiling Mrs. Miyako still heard and she waved goodbye as she finally faded completely in the light. Azayllyn looked down at the locket and decided to go get the treasure she left for him. It was her last gift to him after all. Wiping his tears he turned around and walked away with a weight in his heart he knew would only become a part of him.....
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Mrs. Miyako [D Mission/Private]
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