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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Lucifer Taijutsu Creations

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PostSubject: Lucifer Taijutsu Creations   Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:56 pm

Name: Spin Top Assault
Rank: A
Type: Taijutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Close
Description: The user spins their body at an incredible speed giving them the appearance of a spinning top toy. To to increase and maintain the speed of this spin the user covers their body in chakra which not only does the aforementioned things but also allows them to hit targets with enhanced speed. The user may then hurl themselves into a target to deal a concussive blow. This attack can be modified with bladed weapon and jutsu to induce a more devestating blow. This spinning motion cuts down the users Perception by half until it is over but increases  Speed and Strength by +40 Stats.
Requirements: Taijutsu Master

Name: Protection Aura: Counter Dance Formation
Rank: A
Type: NinTaijutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Self/Close
Description: The user coats their entire body in a thin layer of chakra preparing themselves for an opponents attack the very moment the targets lands even the slights of touch on the user, the user gains a boost of 30+ to aid in their ability to escape or counter the targets attack. Be warned this does not completely allow the user to avoid damage but simply reduce the damage done to them by -10 of the targets strength stat. This technique must be active before the user target strikes and can still fail if the user it not fast enough.
Requirements: Master in Taijutsu

Name: Lightning Release: Stun Punch
Rank: A
Type: NinTaijutsu
Element: Lightning
Range: Close
Description: The user covers their hands in a incredibly potent lightning release chakra. Upon landing a clean blow on the target the user is capable of releasing the lightning release chakra from their hands and shocking the target causing paralysis for a single post. This paralysis can only take effect with the users strength stat is 20 points higher than the users durability.
Requirements: Master in Taijutsu/Lightning Release
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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer Taijutsu Creations   Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:29 pm

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Lucifer Taijutsu Creations
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