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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Ayano Clan

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PostSubject: Ayano Clan   Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:54 pm

Clan Name:
Ayano Clan

Clan Symbol:

Clan History:
The dance of the Ayano's starts off subtle, the clan living in harmony with nature. It all started in a country far from the villages. In exchange for the food provided to the clan, they would fend off parasites and menaces that tried to destroy nature. In doing so, there was a dance between nature and the Ayano clan. But in the midst of a dance is the occassional stumble, and this story is no different. This relationship between the clan and nature was then severed by that of an unnamed fire clan. With the intent to burn down the forest and swallow up the trees to their chakra, the fire clan ambushed the Ayano clan. Unfortunately, the Ayano clan fell to the unnamed clan, many bodies left to burn as well as the forest. Few escaped with severe burns, leaving much chakra behind. As for the chakra within the forest, it scattered into the air around it. The yokai of the forest approved of the Ayano clan's efforts, thus blessing the clan with their chakra and a newfound bond with their weaponry. The dance must come to an end and the partners switch off to find new ones, as the remaining Ayano clan members gained a new gift and partnership with their swords. The chakra that flowed through their veins smoothly lined up with any weapon of their choice, it was as if they only needed to pick up the weapon to master it. And that was indeed the case. But instead of seeking revenge, the scattered Ayano clan wishes to leave their past behind and look for new goals in life. They are the blessed clan that have the strength to create a new path with the slice of a sword. As for restoration, two generations have passed and the scattered Ayano members have created their own families and morals. The only ones left in the country however reside in the Iron Country, and Ayano members are not likely to appear from other countries again.

Clan Size:
5 PC / 50 NPC

Clan Appearance:
Due to being scattered, the Ayano clan has no specific physical trait that is similar among all members.

Clan Location:
Iron Country

Clan's Reputation:

Clan Ability/KKg Description:
Blade Dancer - Ayano Members are known as Blade Dancers. In them, they have the ability to manipulate their chakra to activate the bond between themselves and swords. In doing so, they can form blades of chakra around their body (Type of blade is the users choice, but it can be no bigger than a greatsword). The number of blades that they can have at a time depends on their mastery in the Technique skill. At beginner, they can have one, then every skill level higher will add another to this list. These chakra blades manifest from the chakra of the user, meaning that they move at the users free will with just their mind. Each blade assume the same strength as the users strength stat when they land a hit. The blades can travel at the will of the user, but no further than the 100 meters should the user wish to maintain control of them. Should they get out of range, they will go no further and remain stationary so that they do not shatter. While the chakra blades are not under control, they spin closely around the user two meters away from them. Due to each blade being formed from chakra, they cannot be destroyed until the user is drained of their chakra.

Weapon Bond - Due to the bond that the Ayano clan shares with weaponry, whenever an Ayano member takes damage from weaponry of any sort, the damage inflicted is cut in half. Of course, a weapon can't disobey the will of their owner, but they may resist, thus creating this resistance.

True Steel Core - At any time, weaponry that originally belonged to the Ayano that is not within their range can be brought back to them. The intended target will seemingly disappear, but it travels through the air with chakra to disguise it before returning to the user. This happens nearly in the blink of an eye. Of course, this weapon is still in it's physical state. Multiple weapons may be affected this way.

Clan bonuses:
Ayano's Brilliance - The user may have a skill rank up higher than the average samurai.

Clan jutsus:

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PostSubject: Re: Ayano Clan   Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:15 pm

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Ayano Clan
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