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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 What did you put in there!!!! [D Rank Mission/Private]

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PostSubject: What did you put in there!!!! [D Rank Mission/Private]   Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:04 am

"Alright then Mr. Egg give it to me!" Mr.Egg looked down at Azayllyn with concern. "It's a lot to handle kid are you sure?" Azayllyn looked up at the man defiantly with determination. "Don't worry I can take it! No matter how long it is, besides it looks so juicy!" Mr. Egg snickers and blushes. "Does it really look that good to you?" Azayllyn nodded excitedly as he replied. "You bet and it'll look even better inside of me! So give it to me already Papa Egg!" Mr. Egg shook his head at the young man. "Calling me by that name you really have gotten excited haven't you, be prepared this might be painful, but here it comes!" Mr. egg laid out the foot long hot dog with chili, peppers, cheese and.....ghost peppers as well as a few unknown seasonings. "Here I go! Thank you for the food!" Azayllyn took the hot dog and gulped it down noticing all the spices and flavors that blended together just so. "So what do you think?" Mr. Egg waited for Azayllyn's review. Azayllyn sat back and patted his stomach contently. "It was so, so good!" Azayllyn turned to Mr. Egg and gave him a very serious look. "But if a normal person eat's this they would die. You know I have a supernatural tolerance for spicy food but even I could tell you overdid it Sorry Papa Egg." Azayllyn patted the man on his shoulder as Mr. Egg deflated and looked disappointed. "Well at the very least I can give you all the special spicy foot-long dogs I've made so far." Azayllyn perked up s his stomach growled and he began to drool. "Absolutely!" By the time Azayllyn left he had a belly fool of the most spices a human being had ever consumed.

1/1 Test Some Food Mission
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What did you put in there!!!! [D Rank Mission/Private]
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