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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Currency System

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Ninja I.D,
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PostSubject: Currency System    Tue May 02, 2017 7:08 pm


Players have access to two types of currency on this site. These are the EXP and Ryo values. 

EXP is also known as Experience and is gained through both training and through missions. This can be spent on Jutsu, Summons, Ranks, tiers, and Limiteds.

Ryo is the strict monetary value. It is only obtained from missions and may only be used when purchasing equipment, armors or weapons.

While most missions offer a much higher Ryo reward upon completion, there may be cases where the EXP reward is much higher, in the case of special events/missions.
Players are allowed to give Ryo as a gift, as long as it is given from their personal stash. 
Villages/Kage may gift Ryo and/or EXP to their ninja as long as it comes from either their personal or Village stash.

Starting EXP/Ryo

Academy Ninja: 500 EXP, 0 Ryo
Genin:1,500 EXP, 500 Ryo
Chuunin:2,500 EXP, 1,000 Ryo
Special Jounin:3,500 EXP, 1,000 Ryo
Jounin:4,000 EXP, 1,500 Ryo
Kage5,000 EXP, 2,500 Ryo
***** If one starts in a clan they automatically get +500 Ryo *****

While Ryo can only be earned through doing missions or perhaps as a reward from an event, EXP is much more common as most things you do as a ninja help you to gain experience. For every topic you start, you get 400 Exp points, and for every post within any topic you get 100 exp per post you do. This is for all Training and CD based threads. Mission threads give more experience per post and for starting the thread.

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Posts : 271
Join date : 2017-05-01

Ninja I.D,
Age: 50
Tier: S-3
Clan: Uchiha

PostSubject: Re: Currency System    Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:45 pm


The main form of income for any ninja is taking on missions. There are six levels of missions, all broken down to their difficulty and the tasks they require ninja to complete. Please note that while preforming mission you are not allowed to loot anything from corpses or claim anything not mentioned in the rewards section. Of course, the higher level missions have a higher payout and are only available to higher ranked ninja. Below are the minimum rewards for missions per rank:

D-rank: 200 Exp and 500 Ryo
C-rank: 400 Exp and 1,000 Ryo
B-rank: 600 Exp and 1,500 Ryo
A-rank: 800 Exp and 2,000 Ryo
S-rank: 1,000 Exp and 2,500 Ryo
SS-rank: 2,000 Exp and 3,000 Ryo

Each mission requires a certain number of posts to be done before it can be considered “complete”. These posts do not have a set required word count, but there should be an obvious amount of effort put in to each post. Users are not allowed to do any form of trainings during missions even if the training meets the same post requirements as missions.

D-rank: 1 post
C-rank: 3 posts
B-rank: 5 posts
A-rank: 7 posts
S-rank: 9 posts
SS-rank: 10 posts

Each rank of mission is reserved for those who are at the proper level to take on said mission, or those who have specific orders given IC from their kage. Below are the requirements for each mission type

D-rank: Anyone may take these from Genin up.
C-rank: Anyone may take these from Chuunin up, Genin require a team.
B-rank: Anyone may take these from Special Jounin up, Genin and Chuunin require a team. (Genin team must be lead by a Jounin)
A-rank: This is reserved for B-1 Special Jounin and regular Jounin and up only.
S-rank: This is reserved for those Jounin who are A-1 tier.(Jounin of A-3 Tier can prefrom these missions with 2 additional A-3 Ninja. A-2 Ninja can preform this mission with one other partner.)
SS-rank: This is reserved for those who have attained S-rank Status.

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Currency System
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