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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Ice Release Jutsu

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PostSubject: Ice Release Jutsu   Sun Dec 17, 2017 1:50 am


Name: Ice Senbon
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Range: 10M
Description: The user molds their chakra into an extremely cold form to create up to 10 normal sized senbon made of ice. Thin and made of solidified water, these ice senbon may be invisible to an untrained eye with the right light settings. Such as used simultaneously with a flash bomb or explosion.(Requires 50 Perception to see the ice senbon in this manner)
Requirements: Beginner Ninjutsu, Ice Release

Name: Winter's Bloom
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Range: Contact
Description: Upon making contact with an opponent or surface through skin or jutsu(via Winter's Veil) the user may release a wave of extremely cold chakra. This burst of chakra instantly freezes an entire area, creating a thick coat of chakra in a parameter of 10M. Opponents struck by this technique may be frozen solid, though someone with 50 Strength may break out of this ice with little effort.
Requirements: Adept Ninjutsu, Ice Release

Name: Winter's Song
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Range: 50M
Description: After performing necessary handseals, the user raises both hands into the air and releases a powerful gust of freezing cold air into the sky. This change of air current causes the affected area to turn into a violent winter storm with strong wind, thick falling snow and freezing bodies of water in the area. Due to the change in temperature, those without 60 Durability will freeze to death after three posts, excluding the user of this technique. Water techniques used during this winter storm are reduced by one rank and freeze solid after two posts.
Requirements: Expert Ninjutsu, Ice Release

Name: Winter's Edge
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Range: 50M
Description: This technique, like Winter's Veil- depends on a parent jutsu. With existing ice in the environment, the user may willfully cause the ice to explode with kinetic impact by a single handseal. The user must turn their handseal in the direction they wish to detonate, but can detonate areas of ice between 10-50M  diameter. Areas exploded by ice, cause jagged lacerations, potential impalement and avalanches with A Rank power.
Requirements: Master Ninjutsu, Ice Release

Name: Winter Lotus
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Range: 10M
Description: The user molds their chakra into a specific form and applies their ice release chakra to it. The result is a pure white flower that bloods in the intended location anywhere around the user within 10M. This flower is initially small and represents a lotus with many petals. Once a target is within range(10M) of the lotus, it expands drastically, slicing up almost anything in its way with the many petals as it spins. The target at the center of the metal is eviscerated and then crushed as the petal collapses on its center with all its petals.
Requirements: Master Ninjutsu, Ice Release

Name: Winter's Fall
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Range: 100M
Description: The user builds up a large amount of freezing chakra within themselves and then points a single handseal into the sky. A small ball of chakra is fired from their fingertip and this ball travels upwards into the atmosphere. Clouds of falling snow are created as a canopy to hide the real attack. Once this ball reaches high into the atmosphere, the freezing chakra within it expands as it comes in contact with air currents. This ball keeps expanding until a frozen meteor the size of 50M thick in diameter is formed. The meteor takes one full post to charge, but may be dropped to any location within 100M. Upon impact, this ice meteor crushes anything beneath it with less than 100 Durability.
Requirements: GrandMaster Ninjutsu

Name: Winter's Veil
Rank: D-S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Range: Varies by parent jutsu
Description: Winter's Blood is a subtle yet important jutsu for Ice Release. Incapable by itself to do any damage, this technique stored additional chakra within any other ice technique. The purpose of this technique is to set up chain-combos: the amount of chaining ice techniques depends on the amount of chakra stored within the parent jutsu. Such as a B Rank's worth of ice chakra being stored within ice needles. Though Ice Needles are D Rank, a B Rank ice technique may be triggered from within the ice needles.
Requirements: Beginner-GrandMaster Ninjutsu, Ice Release, Parent jutsu

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PostSubject: Re: Ice Release Jutsu   Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:32 pm

All approved except for Winter's Fall and Winter's song.

Winter's Song seems too powerful for an area of effect skill at its current level. Either change the time needed to kill someone from the cold to 10 posts or bump up the rank to A and make it kill people in 5 posts.

Winter's Fall is fine, but I want the jutsu to specify that the user can also be killed by this technique since you're physically dropping a giant object over the area and it's not completely clear otherwise.
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Ice Release Jutsu
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