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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Kugujutsu (Puppet) System

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PostSubject: Kugujutsu (Puppet) System    Wed May 31, 2017 10:13 am


Welcome to the system for puppets on Ninja Revolution, if you've clicked on this link it means you are curious about the puppet mechanics for the site and that is what this here is for. This system will only apply to the puppets that are used through the Puppet Technique that makes use of chakra threads.


A Beginner in the puppet technique is capable of using a single puppet, this puppet requires the user to make use of all ten fingers and threads to work. At the adept level the user will see themselves able to control two puppets, these puppets will require five fingers each to operate properly. An expert in the skill will find themselves able to manipulate five puppets which require two fingers each.

A master in Kugujutsu will be able to manipulate ten puppets which requires one finger each puppet. When one truly dedicates themselves to the category of Kugujutsu and become a Grand Master will benefit by being able to make their chakra strings invisible to the naked eye with only highly perceptive doujutsu such as the Byakugan can spot them.


Making Puppets: The creation of a puppet is quite simple. For a regular puppet it is similar to equipment, a puppet has slots to put in modules and attachments which give it combat power. A puppets rank decides its initial amount of slots but more slots can be bought for 500 Ryo. One must also be reasonable, for example if a puppet the size of an ant has four slots, that are big things like kunai launchers and flamethrowers that is obviously not going to be legitimate so be realistic with size to slots.

Puppet RankSlot Number

Human Puppets are much harder to create than ordinary puppets and to create them a person must have, or be assisted by a person with a Master in Medical Ninjutsu a Grand Master is required if the Human Puppet involves any advanced slots. While anyone can use these puppets there is a fine art to making them in which a master of Kugujutsu is also required to be effective. These puppets are unique in the way that being made of a corpse it can retain all the corpse's jutsu and Kekkei Genkai.

NOTE: The corpse used must be registered as an deceased NPC or PC.

Making Human Puppets: The process of making human puppets is similar to regular puppets except the puppet has the advance slots and the jutsu of the corpse, the puppets rank is determined by the corpse's rank. For example an A-rank Jounin would be an A-rank puppet. Despite this though the puppet does not have its own independent chakra pool and the user will have to sacrifice their own chakra to use the puppet's jutsu.

Puppet RankSlot Number

For those truly dedicated to kugujutsu we introduce the final stage and that is to become one yourself. Do note that multiple people can work on this endeavour and it is not a compulsory to have all the skills to a single character.  The construction of a body must be done by a person with Grand Master in Kugujutsu and Master in Medical Ninjutsu if the body is a Human Puppet [Note: GM is required for any Advanced slots to be maintained]. The creation of a "core" which will house the person's soul and mind requires a Grand Master medical ninjutsu practitioner to create and then a Master in Fuinjutsu to seal the person's mind into the flesh.

Now all puppet bodies follow the same standard as the previous puppet however at this point the puppet body has stats affiliated with the bodies, therefore the puppet bodies are all S-rank. The user is able to use all jutsu and advanced slots they had in their former body as well as the advanced slots and jutsu/equipment of their puppet body they do not carry over stats from their previous body also in the case of using corpses the corpse will have the same stats it had when it was alive and this cannot be altered.

The puppet body does not require nourishment, meaning the person is no longer limited by human weaknesses such as fatigue, pain and other forms of limitations that hold back normal people. The user is able to switch between bodies, in the event their shell is damaged beyond repair or they could reassemble their body since it is artificial and equipment. A puppet body can have 4 slots for equipment and modules at maximum due to being S-rank.

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Posts : 333
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Ninja I.D,
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PostSubject: Re: Kugujutsu (Puppet) System    Wed May 31, 2017 10:14 am


Name: (What is the Puppet's Title?)
Type: (What is it? Regular? Human?)
Rank: (What rank is it?)
Material: (What is it made of?)
Durability: (Depending on the materials how durable is it?)
Appearance: (what does it look like? Please have pictures if not we would like 1-2 paragraphs on its appearance)
Abilities: (Depending on rank and type will determine these.)
Cost: (How much does it cost?)
Requirements: (Does it only respond to your chakra? Do you have to be a certain rank to use it?)
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Kugujutsu (Puppet) System
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