Ninja Revolution: New Beginnings

One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Tobe [Completed]

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PostSubject: Tobe [Completed]   Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:38 am

Name: Tobe Minoru
Nickname: The Green Moth of Kumogakure
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Height: Six foot, four inches
Weight: one hundred and eighty-eight pounds
Tobe is a rather youthful looking lad, while he has seen many woes and turmoils in his life, his face and eyes reflect that of a young child. Perhaps it is due to his general pleasant disposition on life or his childlike humor but the man always seems to have a smile on his face. Though like most humans that wear a smile on their face it is not always as it seems. Even whenever he is worried or sad his face normally holds some sort of smile or carefree look, it is just his personality to do so.

Tobe’s style of clothing is far from what might think of when they think of a former ANBU Commander. He is often times wearing a simple jacket of his village and headband with some sort of tight fitting shorts/pants depending on the weather. He has been even noted to wear simple shirts and pants on missions, foregoing the jacket and leaving only his headband as representation of his village.

His hair is an unusual color of bright green which is one of the three reasons that he has been labeled the Green Moth of Kumogakure. While when he is at home it is normally worn down and not tied up in any manner, he will tie it up when on missions and even go so far as to tuck it in a cap when wearing his mask to hide his identity. His hair is an extension of his personality, often times left untamed, wild, and free just like Tobe wishes he could be.

The other notable appearance of Tobe is his dull white colored due to his Hyuga bloodline. While it is an odd sight all the way out in Kumo, it has given him notarity in the village. Whenever the Byakugan is activated veins will pop out from around his eyes and forehead. A clear sign that he is ready for combat.

While fighting Tobe generally attempts to stay out of the direct line of fire utilizing his summoning jutsus making people believe that he is weak or not suited for melee style combat even though his eyes seem otherwise. This is in fact a ploy used by him to bring those close to him with their guard down so that he can utilize his gentle fist.

Village: Kumogakure
Character Rank: Jounin | Ex-ANBU Commander
Character Tier: S-3
Clan: Hyuga - Main Branch
Element: Rolling for
Bijuu Roll: N/A

Tobe’s general disposition could be described as a cloud. He is constantly floating from one idea to the next, never fully settling on one thought or practice. While he is not as much of a loner as a cloud, he does enjoy just going with the flow of the wind. This is one of the reasons that he decided to step down from ANBU, their secretive lifestyle, behind the scene means of operation, and overall lack of human empathy lead him to retire his mask. Tobe realized that he could not fully commit to a lifestyle that was so suffocating on his personality.

Instead Tobe has sought to become a teacher of the young and a protector of the innocent. His abilities and natural talent have left him to amaze his peers and impress his superiors. While he loves the attention, he would rather pass on his knowledge to the next generation. He often times can be found at the academy teaching the kids some basic taijutus and genjutsu.

While his happy go lucky attitude can possibly cause people to think of him as a slacker, he is in fact one of the most dedicated ninja that Kumo has to offer. Often times disappearing for weeks and months on end, Tobe can be found in the mountains honing his taijutsu and practicing his dojutsu’s powerful and dangerous abilities. He does this in private in order to protect others as well as keeping the element of surprise on his peers and enemies.

Tobe is pretty welcoming and open to anybody that has questions or is in need of his services. He is always open for students and anybody that is lower rank than him to ask him for help and guidance. He is a big believer in supporting the elderly and sick. His demeanor obviously changes to a harsher one whenever anybody tries to harm any of the villagers or ones he loves.

Character History:
Within the borders of Kumogakura, lies a small clan that is known for their taming of silk worms, caterpillars, butterflies, and moths. While the clan is not globally known for their fighting prows, they are known for their fine silk clothing that is as durable as steel while flexible like silk. It is from the rare silk worms that they cultivate that this material is produced from. It has led the clan to know great prosperity while remaining rather small and intimate. It is in this clan that a young male wishes to one day become a ninja. The boy trains his whole life learning the secrets of the worms and moths and after years of training eventually makes his way to the rank of jounin. This man, while bringing honor to his family by reaching this rank also brings them dishonor by leaving the family’s practice to pursue his own dreams and ambitions.

While away in a far off land for a mission, he comes across a female with eyes as white as the winter snow and was the daughter of her clan’s leader. The two fall in love and after a brief affair, the two decide to wed. Bringing home an outside to the village, only further enraged the man’s family. It was not until the woman produced a male heir that the head of the family would welcome the two back into the fold. The male that had once brought shame on his family, would return to work in their shops to be closer to his son and wife, while also allowing his son to receive the protection from their clan.  

As the boy grew and learned the art of his family, it was quickly noticed that he was far more powerful than his father ever was. From a young age his aptitude with the moths and worms was astounding. By age seven he was weaving silk garments as fine as a master weaver in his clan. The creatures seemed to respond to his sunny presence more so than they had with any other member. This not only caught the eye of the clan leader but that of the Raikage. His parents had withheld him from attending the academy due to fear of being shunned once more as his father had been. Once the Raikage inserted themselves into the matter all that changed.

The boy was quickly enrolled into the academy but had to play catch up to the other students. While he was natural with chakra molding and taijutsu, he had years to catch up in terms of knowing the rules of shinobi and other various topics. After roughly a year in the academy though, his raw talents seemed far exceed any expectation that any teacher or even the Kage anticipated. After countless nights of studying the materials young Tobe was able to graduate the academy top in his class.

Flash forward two years, Tobe was now a vetted gennin. He had started to show signs of mastering taijutsu and summoning jutsu, a feat that no geninn before him ever had accomplished. His team was placed in the chunnin competition. Though it was no walk in the park the three were able to overcome any team that stood before them and during the final rounds two of the three were able to go onto the prestigious rank. During the selection ceremony, few jounin voiced their interest in Tobe being risen to the rank of jounin based on his preformance. Due to fear of backlash from the other clans the kage decided it was not the best time to do so.

After about a year after obtaining chunnin he was risen to the rank of jounin. This was justified by his efforts in mentoring newly appointed gennin as well as completing several higher ranked missions that were out of the realm of a chunnin’s skill set. While there was still flack to be had, most could not touch him due to the sheer talent he possessed. He was one of the youngest members of Kumogakure to be given this prestigious rank.

By the time he was sixteen, Tobe, had already been a member of the ANBU for nearly six months. While the missions that the ANBU were placed on where worthy of his skill set, he found no love in them. He hated the secrecy along with the black and white approach that the group had to obey by. While he stuck here for nearly seven years, once he was promoted the rank of ANBU Commander, he realized that he had to stop before he lost himself in a job that would bring him no joy.

With heavy heart he retired from the ANBU and asked the kage to be reassigned back to a jounin role. He wanted the chance to possibly teach the future of the village and be closer to home. His mother was fading quickly and would not be around much longer, while she had taught him a bit about the secret of their bloodline, Tobe knew there was much more to discover. After her passing he went on a year long spiritual journey to hone his skills and gain a better understanding of himself and what he wanted.

On this journey he really bunkered down and started to practice the art of sage jutsus. With his family’s close affinity to the moths and worm beasts, he would attempt to learn from some of the more advanced creatures that could teach him their arts. He was with these creatures for nearly a whole year, learning, studying, and attempting to master their arts. While he learned a great deal from them, he unfortunately has yet to fully master their skills and to this day is still training.

Since returning from his training, Tobe has started to teach more students the arts of ninja and is hoping that one day soon he may be blessed with a squad of his own. While he knows he has many faults and still lacks in some skills he has gained a reputation among the village and even those nations outside of the village as The Green Moth of Kumogakure.
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PostSubject: Re: Tobe [Completed]   Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:54 am

Let's go ahead and approve this
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Tobe [Completed]
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