Ninja Revolution: New Beginnings

One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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PostSubject: Seikaritoriki KKG   Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:33 am

Name:Bujin Path
Appearance: Typically Followers of the Bujin path Wear Black Kimono's, Masters of the Bujin path typically wear a White Hayori over their Black Kimono to denote their rank/master over the path.
Traits: Reiha - The Reiha is a Weapon that is forged from the soul of the wielder, connecting them to a being/power and being a reprsentation of the power as well as the level of connection, a Newborn Reiha looks like a simple sword, Varing in length, although not connected to the owners height. The Next form of the Reiha is Byoreiha(Must be B-rank or Master in Technique for Byoreiha to materialize), this is where the power begins to shine through and make itself known, Changes in shape, size, and even weaponry style are not uncommon, and usually the level of power of the ByoReiha is depicted by the size of it. Kokireiha is the final form of Reiha, this unleashes the true and full power of the Reiha (Must be Grand Master in Technique or S-rank for Kokireiha to form) , Kokireiha's change of size, shape and weaponry go even further beyond that of their previous form, even going as far as becoming a Giant or a set of Armor.

(Each Reiha must be made upon character creation, to its fullest, Stats However Increase with the Appropiete usable rank of Technique Ninshu, All forms of Reiha must be Melee based)

+25 to Speed, +25 to Strength
Requirements:Be born of the Seikaritoriki Cannot be of Kami Path

Name:Kami Path
Appearance: Typically Followers of the Kami path Wear White Kimono like cloths.
Traits:Ijiyumi- Alot like the Reiha, the Ijiyumi is a weapon based upon the soul of the Wielder, Typically being a ranged weapon of sorts, However their's is not metallic based but energy based, a Pendent unique to each represents their Ijiyumi and helps to conjure it. An Example of a Ijiyumi being a Bow, would look like a normal bow firing between only one to three arrows, as a Dainijiyumi could look almost star shaped and fire hundreds of arrows at once, Kesshoijiyumi could look like two stars layered on top of each other offset, and could fire a volley of a thousand arrows.

(each Pendent/Ijiyumi is to be made upon character Creation, must be Range based, Ijiyumi Stats are based upon the characters Rank in Soul Ninshu, B-rank ninja or Master Ranked Soul needed for Dainijiyumi, and S-ranked or Grand Master Ranked Soul for Kessoijiyumi)

+ 25 to Stamina , +25 to Speed
Requirements:Be born of the Seikaritoriki Cannot be of Bujin Path

Traits:Kishisen is a trait amongst all of the Seikaritoriki, They are eyes that can see things not of the Material Plane, Not allowing one to see Chakra Network or pathways, but Chakra, particularly "Invisible" Chakra that is projected out into the world, (Example see Madara's Limbo Clones). Instead of Memorizing "Chakra" They can read/Memorize ones "Spirit Ribbon" essentially the same thing.

+ 50 to Perception
Requirements:Be born of the Seikaritoriki
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PostSubject: Re: Seikaritoriki KKG   Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:49 pm

Approved. Weapons will need to be made, approved, and then purchased separately.
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Seikaritoriki KKG
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