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One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Weapon testing!

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Ninja I.D,
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PostSubject: Weapon testing!   Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:38 pm

Job Being Done:

After having the embarrassing training session with her instructors on using the 'one thousand years of death' jutsu, Zaida was ready for something else. Training had ended hours ago and now she was just wandering the village while waiting for her friend, Miko, to be let go from working at her mother's dumpling shop. It would likely be another couple hours, which was why the blacksmith calling her over was a thing she enjoyed.

"Zaida, good to see you. Is training going all right?"

"Yes, but I would rather have done something involving the normal styles I use, or even some more weapons training, than what I had to do today."

"Is that so? Hmm..." The elder blacksmith had been setting up weapons and armor racks with things he had made while speaking to her, though now he seemed to be lost in thought as he looked down at the bottom halves of the racks he was next to. Zaida would wait patiently for a few moments before he would speak up again, a happy smile on his face. "Well, how about doing me a favor then! Would you be a dear and test out the batch of kunai that I made today? It will let you practice with them while you let me know if the batch is as excellent as my creations usually are. I will even pay you for your time."

Not one to turn down an offer like that, Zaida would happily agree to do the job asked of her. He would wave her inside of the shop, the woman going inside so that he could show her what was needed to be done.
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Posts : 55
Join date : 2018-01-17

Ninja I.D,
Age: 15
Tier: D-3
Clan: Yūwaku

PostSubject: Re: Weapon testing!   Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:50 pm

Once inside, the smith would take her to a table with a mix of kunai and shurikens sitting on it. There were about fifty total, and all were beautifully crafted. "I need you to give each one a test throw at the wall. It's all the same material and will not harm the weapons in the slightest. Once done, please find me and let me know how it went. I will be around the shop and easy to find. And thank you in advance for this, I'll hand you the money before you go."

"No, thank you! Money is nice to have, and this is much better than the skills they were teaching me earlier today!" The blacksmith would chuckle as he walked away, leaving her to do her work. Each one felt about the same weight as she picked them up for weight testing, and when it came down to the throwing they all felt great. Each went where she meant to throw them, making sure not to hit anything she had already thrown, and when she was done she picked up the odd couple that seemed to have a dull side to them. Putting all but the ones that were not top notch, Zaida would go to find the blacksmith to do her report. As he had stated previously, he was quite easy to find. Standing behind a small counter, shining some kunai, the blacksmith seemed to be waiting for her as if he had done this kind of deal before. Setting down the weapons, Zaida would speak up even as he handed over the five hundred Ryo he had counted out as she had worked.

"These ones are a bit dull, shouldn't be too much trouble for you though."

"Ah, thank you Zaida! Makes it a lot easier than having to take the time to test them out myself! Come back anytime! I'll aways pay whenever you test new batches out!"

Zaida would be quick to leave, running home to make sure she stored the money properly. Who knew being so frustrated would make her money in the end!
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Weapon testing!
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