Ninja Revolution: New Beginnings

One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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PostSubject: Kosuke Uchiha    Tue May 02, 2017 10:37 pm

Name: Kosuke Uchiha
Nickname: The Crystal Phantom
Age: 50
Gender: Male

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160 lbs
Appearance: Kosuke is one who can honestly say that the years have been kind to him. He has gotten a couple inches shorter in the last twenty years, but this shouldn’t be mistaken for a loss of musculature. His hair has become white and his eyes have become more of a gray color than onyx as they were in his youth. But, due to his Uchiha heritage, his eyesight is just as sharp as it was in his younger years. His hair is still white from his overuse of the Rinne-sharingan. Speaking of that eye, ever since his using all of his Six-Paths chakra to help seal away Mokushiroku, he no longer has access to it and as such both of his eyes are the same dark gray color. His face shows slight signs of wrinkling though due to age. 
His most common outfit is the red and white robes of the Hokage. He wears black shinobi pants with a mesh undershirt and the normal black shinobi sandals. The shirt is topped by a red over shirt, with a white haori drooped over his shoulders and a white scarf holding it all on. The wears the Kage hat with the symbol for fire on the front hanging on his back usually, but sometimes he will put it on. 
If he isn’t in the kage robes he is probably in black shinobi pants with black shinobi sandals. This with a white undershirt and a black haori with a red inside trim. He wears a leaf headband tied around his neck as an indicator that he is a shinobi of the hidden leaf. He also wears a pair of black fingerless gloves, these are also embroidered with the leaf symbol on the right hand and the fire symbol on the left hand. But, he is usually in his kage robes.

Village: Konoha
Character Rank: Hokage
Character Tier: (Will add this once tiers are done)
Clan: Uchiha
Element: (Will be bringing elements from NR)

Personality: The years and his own personal experiences have changed Kosuke in many ways. From raising his son, to losing his son in battle, he has been through a lot in the last twenty years. But, even through it all, he kept some of his more prominent personality traits. His loyalty and patriotism, his stubbornness, his love of a good fight, and his inherent kindness to those who he respects. Though, his experiences have turned him into a more cynical and slightly pessimistic person. The years have also made him much more patient and diplomatic, he doesn’t rush into battles as quickly anymore.
His good traits are that he is loyal to those who have earned his respect. He is loyal to his village also, and holds Konoha to the highest regard among the five major villages. He is stubborn and sticks tightly to his morals. He won’t let anyone stand in his way if he gets something set in his mind. He still loves a good fight however and sometimes will want to fight if he gets bored. After years of being the Hokage he has learned to be much more diplomatic and would prefer to settle political and inter-village disputes peacefully. 
After the death of his young son in the Shinobi World War he has become much harsher about war and pointless death. He will end conflict in a peaceful manner if he must but he will go all out if he senses conflict will end up causing collateral damage. He has also gained a softer heart towards children and will often help them when he can and if anyone is attacking a child, he will not hesitate to kill them in a very painful and torturous manner. He enjoys going and spending time with the students in the academy and helping to train them in some of the basic things they learn and helping with world history where he can.

Character History: Kosuke was born on January 1st, under the light of a full moon, on a dark cloudless night in Chōwagakure. He was born to Shu Uchiha and Mikoto Uchiha, who had just been married in a political marriage to end the constant wars between the two branches of the family. This was between Shu, First born son of the Uchiha clan head, and Mikoto, First born daughter of the Side branch head. Their marriage brought the two sides towards lasting peace and brought them forward as a power in the village. As a child he was relatively spoiled, treated like royalty amongst the clan and taught history, English and math just like all other children his age, until he was of the ripe age of four. He began his shinobi training from then on, there was no more spoiling, only training. He was taught all about the workings of the clan and also many things about village politics. He was also started on his physical regime. He was often made to train until he could barely stand, yet he still pushed on with the goal to make his father even the slightest bit proud. 

His father was a very traditional Uchiha, he thought that his clan was the best and as such any heirs to the clan must be the most powerful. After seeming to excel at any task given to him, whether it be Ninjutsu, Shuriken jutsu or even Genjutsu, he seemed to just click to it and understand it. This made others brand him with the title, “Prodigy” while he just knew that he worked hard and some things just come naturally. After a couple more years of at home learning, he was entered into the academy at the age of seven. After being there for a few years, he had already learned and mastered the required jutsu and was prepared to begin his life as a shinobi of Chōwagakure. But, is the WORLD ready for him to begin his path as “one who endures”?

It wasn’t until he partook in the Chuunin exams that his life really took on a major turn. He had put a lot of effort into training his body and mind to prepare for the exams, but it was there that he discovered just how powerful other shinobi from other villages could be. He was so used to being known as the top genin of his generation, that he never expected to fight two genin who could easily overshadow him in their capabilities. It was here that he lost his arm and his life changed to the path he felt he was always meant to walk. After failing the exams he trained harder than he had ever trained before. He pushed until he was field promoted to chuunin and the special Jounin before he was asked to join the ANBU. He spent the next two years working in that position until he was promoted to ANBU Captain and became the Commander over the entire ANBU force. It was soon after this that his father killed his mother and then he, subsequently killed his father, unlocking the Mangekyou Sharingan. 

After this, his Grandfather, Kazuto Uchiha, attempted to attack him and steal his empowered eyes. This battle proved to be the turning point in his life for a variety of reasons. After defeating his grandfather, Kosuke was placed under an extremely powerful Genjutsu known as kotoatsukami. This Genjutsu caused him to inevitably leave the village. He left behind not only close friends and relatives, but a son that he didn’t know that he had. Not long after, he was joined by Izuna, the first girl he loved with his own free will. They grew together and actually started a peace keeping organization known as Kōten that would be comprised of ninja who had abandoned the perceived corruptions of their villages and wanted to make a difference. But, this dream was never meant to be. Kosuke’s older cousin on his mother’s side, Okami Uchiha had been placed under a mind altering Genjutsu by forces unknown and had attacked the village of Yamigakure, present day Kumogakure. It was shortly after this battle that Kosuke was freed of his grandfather’s Genjutsu with assistance from Okami and was reestablished as the ANBU Commander in Chōwagakure, present day Konohagakure. It was six months later that the Second Chuunin exams were held that changed Kosuke’s life. During the exams, there was an attack by a man later found to be named Keikoku and his partner, Raiden Uzumaki. Also during this time, Kosuke’s former Academy Sensei returned after being branded a missing ninja to tell Kosuke that he had a son that Okami had been keeping secret from him and that she had kidnapped the boy in order to get a meeting with the two Uchiha. Needless to say, the two men were quick to mount a rescue mission and save the boy known as Kisuke and to kill his Captor. 

Five years later, all hell broke loose. The dawn of a massive war had begun. The man known as Keikoku, with the help of a scientist had managed to create apocalypse monsters that numbered in the hundreds of thousands. While four nations fighting them managed to put them on top of the war, the resurrection of the demon known as Mokushiroku turned the tide yet again. He used the bijuu to destroy the three original villages completely and caused untold amounts of damage to the two newer villages before the shinobi nations could get a handle on the massive beasts. It was during the final phases of the war that his son had been murdered in cold blood by the demon. This caused Kosuke to push for a drastic frontal assault by the kage and those who were strong enough to assist. With the aid of his own six-paths abilities as well as the few others who possessed such abilities, they managed to seal the demon and the rest of his army away into a collapsing dimension to be whisked away into the abyss. It was after the death of the demon that the nine bijuu seemed to disappear slowly being drawn together into a single being before they all shot off in different directions disappearing from sight.

The next part of his life takes place after the Ninja World War. His life took a drastic change from the time his son died towards the end of the war, to him giving up all of his six-path powers to help the other ninja in sealing away Mokushiroku for good into the other dimension.  He was elected to take the position as the third Chowakage, but the name was changed due to the destruction of the village and he was renamed as the Shodai Hokage, his village was Konohagakure located in the land of fire. He spent the next five years attempting to help this new village grow back into the bustling city it had once seemed to be. During this time, he didn’t allow himself to slack on his training, no, not at all. He was not the man he once was, but neither was he a slouch. It has been twenty years since the end of the war and while the world had changed, he knew that his part in it wasn’t quite over yet. He had succeeded in getting Konoha to the level that it was considered to be the strongest of the five nations, but he knew it was time for him to begin looking for a successor to the mantle of Hokage. He was fifty years old, this is almost ancient for a ninja. It is clear he doesn’t have much time left, but he will make the most of the time he does have left.
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Kosuke Uchiha
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