Ninja Revolution: New Beginnings

One hundred and fifty-five years after the death of the sage of six paths, the world is growing and new evils and challenges lurk on the horizon.
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 Ha Tenshi's Wind Jutsu Training

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Ha Tenshi

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PostSubject: Ha Tenshi's Wind Jutsu Training   Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:18 am

“Ha; Come on. You can’t seriously be going out to train right now!”

He had been staying at her home because it was open, and he was close to her home at the time. She, as far as he was concerned, was one of the stronger ninja in the village. She was a tough woman who was too busy joking to seemingly take things seriously. That was often what bothered Ha. She was strong, but annoyingly stubborn when it came to joking.

He wasn’t sure she has trained in the last twenty years.

“I’ve got no time to dilly dally. Every moment that I don’t train is a moment that Sungakure grows weaker. We can’t allow that.”

“Come on. I’ll help you. Sit down and have a nice meal before we start.”

Ha stared at the woman, who was admittedly unamused by his casual need to train. She agreed, Sungakure needed strength, but it also needed well-fed and nicely kept jounin.  He was well aware of that, but liked to push his limits. She was the one who’d have to deal with his injuries later in the day if they were to properly train; and if he got sleepy she’d get frustrated.

Once she finished making some food; she placed it on the table in her home and they sat down and ate. She had some questions for him.

“I’m aware that you get some notice of who you’ll be teaching; what do you think of them?”

“Gifted group. Jei’s going to hit a wall. He’s going to grow frustrated, and it’s going to be a hassle. However, if he can get over this wall, I think he has the capacity to be an expert ninja. His supposed inability to use anything ninjutsu related is a slight concern, but that’s no matter.

Kona has a somewhat recognizable problem as well. There are a few ninja that a born like her, without any talent for ninjutsu and genjutsu. She’ll hit the same wall as Jei, but perhaps later. Her hitting the wall will be much, much more important. Jei will hit it, and likely pass it easily. I’ve read up on his feats in the academy, and have seen him in person. She will hit it, and will either stop completely or become a master ninja.

Chantelle. She’s different than the other two. She’s not gifted. However, what she lacks in gifts, she sustain in ninjutsu skills.  She’s a breath of fresh air from the academy; even if she’s been out for a long while. She will be the easiest to teach, as her skill-set aligns with mine the best.”

“Emotions a thing; try using it sometime. That was a completely factual and boring going over of your squad. What kind of sensei does that?”

This was a slight bit ironic, as that’s the exact thing she had done to Tenshi when he had originally started his training. She motioned for him to follow her and he did, all the way to the training yard.
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Ha Tenshi

Posts : 12
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PostSubject: Re: Ha Tenshi's Wind Jutsu Training   Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:49 am

Once they had arrived, it was going to be a simple matter of training. Yuko, however, had decided to make training interesting.

“This will be a simple jutsu, but it’s not one that requires handsigns. Therefore, we don’t need hands today. Simple matter. If you use your hands, we’ll simply take care of them.”

Ha, admittedly, wasn’t sure what she was talking about. He was sure, however, of something stupid happening if he did use his hands. It wouldn’t be out of Yuko’s character to do so. She had done stupid things before. She would do stupid things in the future, he’s sure. It’s no particular matter though, when it comes down to it. He’d have to stay with her half the time anyway, as she lives close to the training grounds.

She lept forward to attack him, but he merely stepped back, being quite a bit faster than his sensei.

“Now, what is this jutsu that you wanted me to learn?”

She lept forward once more, attempting to attack him again. This was obviously a warm-up, so he’d dodge forward while keeping his hands behind his back.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough. You’ve read about the technique, yes?”

He nodded, and read about how to do it. He had never made an attempt to do it though. He started to channel his chakra, and realized what he needed to do. She charged him again, and channeling chakra properly, used the technique on the first try, blasting himself into the air.

“You’ve always learned how to do these things fast.”

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Ha Tenshi's Wind Jutsu Training
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